A chance meeting

Well it wasn’t a meeting more of an overheard conversation many years ago at a cash machine in Inverness.

I was taking out a tenner and overheard a familiar voice behind me. I turned around and it was Charles Kennedy, MP, with an aide.

What was interesting about this encounter was the tone of the overheard conversation. Not that Kennedy was saying anything political, but, and I paraphrase him, he was talking about an upcoming meeting where he basically wanted as much stage management as possible.

This wasn’t my first experience of Kennedy. Several years previously I attended a meeting at a local school where Kennedy was on the panel listening to local (and some not so local) concerns. I was still a teenager but not so young that I couldn’t recognise the emptiness of Kennedy’s stance on virtually every subject. He was non committal on everything and evasive when it came to offering an opinion.

Then I recall the Skye Bridge tolls. I have family on Skye and it cost an arm and a leg every time I took the car across the bridge. What did Kennedy achieve to lessen that burden? Well, to be frank, nothing!

My point? Well the last word in the previous paragraph rather sums up the collective achievements of Scotland’s Unionist MPs and their love affair with the Union. It has brought Scotland nothing.

Now we are presented with an opportunity to change things for the better for Scotland and her people. With a Yes vote and Independence we can do things in timescales of only months that Unionist MPs would have wasted lifetimes deliberately not trying to do.

New Media offers an alternative vehicle to assist and contribute to that goal. There are numerous sites on the internet devoted to the Yes cause, all in their way, chip, chipping away at the crumbling edifice that is the Union. While others, more literate than me can educate and inform, I choose ridicule. Why? Well simply put, I have no respect for the Unionist liers and greasy pole climbers. They give no respect to the people of Scotland and they deserve none in return.


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