David Cameron’s conception

So this is a puff piece designed to hold attention and keep interest while I work on something that I hope will be of genuine worth (or not).

I was doing some research and stumbled upon the fact that David Cameron and I (very probably) share something in common.

Our date of conception, or, to become a little less professional; the day Mummy Cameron and Daddy Cameron slipped beneath the sheets and did the deed that resulted in David being born 9 months later.

Now I know the date I was conceived because my mother told me.

Hogmanay/New Years day, some time between 2359 and 0200, 1966.

David William Donald Cameron was born on 9th October 1966. Now presuming that he wasn’t premature or perhaps enjoyed a warm bath and he was less than keen on getting out of, I’m betting that he was an average 9 month term baby.

So what does that tell us about him? Well, if you are into yours stars, then as a Libra he is either well balanced as an individual or prone to swing from one extreme to another depending on how many grains of sand are in his scales at any given moment.

Alternatively you could look at the moment of conception for some indicators of his greatness.

Now lets move to a comparison with me to set the scene. I was conceived in North Street, Glasgow, after a bowl of crisps, salted peanuts and washed down with a bottle of cheap blended whisky. Can I imagine Dave’s Mum and Dad doing the same? I think not. The actual deed will not have been to dissimilar, unless the aristocracy have servants who do some of the stuff for them (but peanuts and cheap whisky, I think not).

I’d be disappointed if it was anything less than Champers and posh nibbles.

The point?

Dave may have Champers running through his veins, but I have Whisky.


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