A Labour MP writes

“I received a most unexpected email from a Labour MP. After ensuring the MPs anonymity we agreed that the MP could contribute a piece to my blog. I now publish it, without editing it. The only thing that I have deemed important to highlight are some words and grammar which appear to me to be a little out of place. They make sense in the narrative of the piece and read correctly, but I have indicated them with an asterisk * for clarity. I make no inference on the choice of language used in the interests of honestly representing, I assume, the original meaning as intended by the author.” Giving Goose, March 12 2014.

A Labour MP writes

As a Labour MP, who has severed* my constituency loyally in Westminster, I would like to take this opportunity to put the record straight on what I do,
what I believe in and to tell you about my hopes and aspirations.
Throughout this Independence debate there has been a lot of ill feeling directed towards Scottish Labour MPs, which I personally believe is misplaced and based on a complete lack of understanding of the hard work that we do on behalf of the Labour Party.

Firstly I believe the Labour Party is the best vehicle to bring about progressive change in our communities and so for me, it is the obvious way that I could get involved and make a real difference on behalf of the Labour Party.
Although I have the greatest respect for my colleagues at Holyrood, I think the Westminster Parliament does the big issues, the really important issues, much more professionally, for instance members are given longer to debate and develop their arguments and interests
in the chamber.

Of course this is a burden that is not easy to bear, but we stoically meet the challenges and put up with the privations that London life presents to us.
There has been a lot of very negative small talk going around about the lavish lifestyles that we enjoy in London, but that is just what it is, small talk, generated by people who are, in my opinion, envious of our achievements.
I started off my career as a Council official in Glasgow, a Trade Unionist, someone who could make the difference to my community, assisting my cousin’s taxi business in supplying a service to Glasgow Council. I then became an assistant to the local MP, my cousin’s husband,
we worked hard to promote the socialist principles that we both believed in and when he was elevated to The House of Lords, I was privileged to be both nominated then elected to succeed him. Family, community and continuity. These are the things that we hold dear in the Labour Party.

I believe that a strong, devolved Scotland in the United Kingdom gives Scots the best of both worlds.
The Scottish Parliament allows Scotland to make our own decisions for our schools, hospitals and local government, but being part of the United Kingdom gives us the economic and social security that we need. Especially in these times of economic uncertainty, Scotland’s prosperity is best protected by the Labour Party and being part of a strong, United Kingdom.
What the people of Scotland want, is more growth, jobs and a better furniture* for their families – what they don’t need, is uncertainty and instability about what will happen to them and to our economy in a separate Scotland.

But there’s an emotive argument too; Scots fought alongside the English, Welsh and Northern Irish to defeat fascism and just years later, we came together again to build the welfare state.
Scots share the same values and goals with our friends in the rest of the UK – we’ve achieved so much by working together in the past, there’s no reason why we can’t achieve more together in the future for the Labour Party.

Labours innovative One Nation strategy is about standing for a Britain where we preserve the institutions that bind us together, such as the economic power of the City of London and Westminster Parliamentary privilege.
One Nation, one Volk*, one Labour Party.

Labour are challenging how business, the media and corporate governance works in the UK and binding them ever closer to one another and to the Labour party – that’s exactly what people want us to be doing.
But One Nation is also about standing for a Britain where prosperity is fairly shared by all in the Labour Party.
We’re facing an unparalleled squeeze on living standards in the Labour Party and Labour has led the narrative for economic and social justice in these tough times, demanding that the burden of deficit reduction is shared fairly among those in Society best placed to shoulder the burden, thus allowing those in the Labour Party freedom from that burden to pursue what is important for the Labour Party. This is in the best interest of the Labour Party and those Corporate supporters who provide the Labour Party with the support to furnish* the best interests of the Labour Party.

In Scotland, we face a big challenge in shifting the political debate back on to public services and social justice and away from the constitution which has really dominated public debate in Scotland since the SNP were elected in 2007. We want to see public services entwined with the best interests of the Labour Party at a local level. This will assist in levering local interests in building their businesses in the best interests of these business interests and the Labour Party.

We envisage a future where all Council services are aligned to the model pioneered within Glasgow, where Arms Length External Organisations (ALEOs) are placed to deliver local service in the best interests of the community and those within the Labour party who are best placed to run these services on their* behalf.

Better Together represents the aspirations of the Labour Party and those partners who benefit from the close relationship built up over decades. From the heart, I will be doing all in my power to help preserve the UK and those institutions that have brought prosperity to us all.
The Labour Party has a vested interest in seeing Better Together succeed as it will allow those institutions which have allowed the Labour Party and it’s members to prosper to continue in this vein. As a Labour Party MP, my personal emotional prosperity mirrors that of the UK and allows me to deliver the continuity that the Labour family and community demand for their furniture.*


6 thoughts on “A Labour MP writes

  1. Colin Morrison

    Sorry to appear sceptical but was this actually written by a Scottish Labour MP. If so was he sober and sane at time of writing.

  2. edulis

    I am sure that is wee Willy Bain. He can’t distinguish between the Labour Party and his own interests – a complete plank!

  3. Turra Loon

    Can you ask your Labour MP if he turned up to vote in Westminster against the Bedroom Tax or did he stay away like the rest of the cowardly two faced %%$&£”!.


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