A Heartless Tory

I’ve been aware of this comment from a Scottish Labour MP for some time.

“We were set up as the party to represent the values of working people, working being the key word. We weren’t set up as some sort of charity to help the poorest in society – the long-term unemployed, the benefit dependent, the drug addicted, the homeless.”

It’s been oft quoted elsewhere as an example of the way that Labour has moved to the Right.
It deserves some revisiting and reflection. Here is Alan Cochrane of the Telegraph touching on it.
I know, it’s from 2011, but it’s still relevant (unless, of course Labour have now moved even further to the Right).
This is the man who is behind the words.

I cannot help but be disgusted at this turn of phrase. It’s up there with the worst excesses from the 1930s and 1940s that I dare not reference. That, of course, was another time, and another country, but I must ask the question.

Does Tom Harris, an MP for Glasgow, not possess compassion or humanity?


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