A chance meeting (reprised)

So Charles Kennedy thinks that the Better Together campaign should be more positive.
In addition, he thinks that Better Together should construct something more solid relating to extra powers to Scotland in the event of a No vote.
Well Charles, you are an experienced politician, you’ve been around for a while, with access to the various resources required. Why don’t you offer something? Or are you, as I suspect, just a career politician that hangs on to the coat tails of others?

Here’s one example of a document that could be used as a template. It’s the California State Constitution.


There will be others. So Charles, let’s see something from you, please. I think I may be kept waiting some time.


4 thoughts on “A chance meeting (reprised)

  1. Tris

    Kennedy, along with Goldie, was supposed to be front line with Darling in the NO campaign.

    Neither has been seen since the launch.

    They are both better communicators and arguably, although from minority parties, they are more popular than the po-faced humourless, stuttering stammering “you know” Darling. One of the poorest communicators in politics today?

    OK, they aren’t going to get rid of Darling, but what do they do when he seems to have become a figure of fun/derision… they get Brown to step in.

    Brown may be popular in Fife. Their own prime minister, even if he was a disaster from day 20.

    But apart from Fife is he popular? Not really.

    Does he have charisma? No.

    Is he a good communicator? No.

    So why is Cameron not pushing for Kennedy and Goldie to take a more active role?

    1. givinggoose Post author

      Do you think that Cameron wants Darling to fail? Then it would be a win win situation for Cameron South of the border as he can portray the “loss” of Scotland as a Labour failure.

      1. Tris

        I’ve more or less given up trying to work out their motivations. For a bunch of people running or previously running a major country they appear monumentally stupid.

        I think you could be right there. Tories get a pretty free reign for a couple of elections anyway, in England because Labour loses 40+ automatic seats.

        Labour loses Scotland because they put Alistair Darling on charge and Gordon Brown got involved too.

        Someone said they were bringing in the war criminal too. Imagine if he comes up to lecture us on staying with the UK, so we can go slaughter another pile of innocent Muslims the next time America has a fundamentalist Christian for a president…

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