Katy Clark: who she?

Kathryn Sloan (Katy) Clark is the Labour Party MP for North Ayrshire and Arran.

With the Referendum approaching what sort of a person is Katy? Does she support the Union loyally, with all the Right Wing Neo Liberal baggage that goes with that stance? Is she concerned with the way that her Labour party deems it appropriate to ride a parallel course with the Tory/Lib Dem Government at Westminster and dismantle the Welfare State?
Apparently she is a member of the Scottish Affairs Select Committee, the Procedure Committee and the European Scrutiny Committee.
Katy Clark is mentioned in the following link;
On 28 Feb this year, the Freedom Association decided to make Katy Clark its Parliamentarian of the Week. During a debate in the House of Commons on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Katy Clark said the following;
“The British public do not want to be told by multinationals how we should organise our country. We have fought for democracy and we want those bodies for which we have fought and which exist to protect the individual and our communities to have the democratic ability to make decisions.”
I find the hypocrisy evident in this quote breath taking. Katy Clark is a member of a political party which has endorsed the following;
Labour Peers in the House of Lords who have vested interests in Big Business, e.g. John Reid and G4S. Big business organising our country? Come on Katy.
These same Peers make decisions that affect the lives of ordinary citizens, but, they are unelected. Democracy Katy? I think not.
“Scotland cannot be the only something for nothing country in the world,”…Johann Lamont
Protecting communities? I think not Katy?
In June last year, Ed Millband pledged to match Tory plans to cut the welfare bill.
Did your constituents vote for the Labour Party to essentially clone Tory ideology? I think not Katy.
On the flip side we have Katy endorsing the following;
Looks suitably left wing, doesn’t it? Confused? I certainly am.
So why does a Scottish MP belong to a Political Party of such paradoxes? It’s like there’s one Labour Party face for Monday and another for every other day of the week?
Where does Katy stand then? Left winger, Right winger, Socialist, Neo-Liberal? Ultra Unionist, Devolutionist, Nationalist, Better Together supporter?
She is rather anonymous in the Independence debate. Perhaps she is disinterested or perhaps she is hedging her bets for the (her) future?


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