Brian Wilson; the Anti-Scot

In 1998 I recall my boss telling me that Brian Wilson was planning to visit the business in his capacity as a Government Minister.
My immediate view was “no bad thing.” The reaction of my boss was telling, he was less than enthusiastic. I got the distinct impression that the Boss’s view of Brian Wilson was very low indeed.
I never asked why.
Now I know.
I could write a lot about Brian Wilson but in his case I don’t actually see the point.
You see it’s easy to construct a case for Brian Wilson to be “awarded” a White Feather.
He is simply an unpleasant individual and he is vehemently anti-Scottish.
I would imagine that non Scots would well be surprised that a Scot would display such sentiments that can be described as anti-Scottish, but in Brian Wilson’s case it is so obviously the case.
In 1978 he was chairman of the “Labour Vote No Campaign”, which called for a “no” vote in the 1979 referendum.
He is staunchly pro nuclear (his business interests in the industry obviously having no influence on this, of course)
He was in favour of the Iraq war, he was against an inquiry into it.
Post Ministerial career he popped up as a member Flying Matters, a pro aviation organisation, with a some what shambolic view of aviation’s connection to climate change. The fact that Brian Wilson had previously been Energy Minister had no bearing on his association with this organisation (how dare anyone make that assertion).
He is a Unionist rent-a-quote for the usual suspects in the media.
He is, in no small measure, a Labour creature, a London creature, an Establishment lackey, who has used the avenues and leverages available to him as a Labour politician to enrich himself. The fact that there are negative issues within Scottish society, including a dependency culture and high levels of child poverty are, in Brian Wilson’s view, acceptable collateral damage.


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