So we have now seen a summary of Labour’s proposals for extra powers for Scotland if the Scottish people vote no. It’s supposed to be bait, or jam, or an award or something. It’s titled;

Powers for a purpose – Strengthening Accountability and Empowering People Scottish Labour Devolution Commission

There is a sub heading within the document;

“The sharing union Scottish Labour is a party of devolution and the union.”

let me “Share” my views on this document and the contents. I’m going to go for metaphor.

This document is nothing more than a Shortbread Tin. Let me explain. There is a standing joke that many people, including Scots, have, what is known as a “Shortbread Tin” view of Scotland.

If you’ve seen them, then you’ll know what a mean. A romantic view of Scotland, with lots of tartan and stock images of Scotland decorating the box. All very clichéd.


Once opened, the contents of the box are very quickly digested and then gone.The box is now empty, devoid of content but the clichéd decoration still remains.

All box and no contents.

All talk and no trousers.

They talk a good job.

Labour’s Devolution proposals are empty just like a shortbread box.

It’s Devo-Shortbread.


One thought on “Devo-Shortbread

  1. Tris

    Shortbread tins, even after they are empty, are useful. You can put things in them.

    On the other hand, there’s Devo-hehaw and Joahnn Lamont


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