A Patriot writes

Within the debate on Scotland’s future the subject of Patriotism can be aired and understood in various different lights.
“No” supporters may identify themselves as British patriots and will proclaim that their patriotism is attached to the UK.
“Yes” supporters will have a similar attachment to Scotland.
Patriotism is generally explained as a cultural attachment to one’s homeland or devotion to one’s country, it can also be defined as a love of and devotion to one’s country.
I would argue that first of all you have to identify what defines a country and from this you can then understand the meaning of that patriotism. In effect, break it down to the core constituents; the building blocks, if you like.
I will start with times of crisis. Many countries and nations go through crises, whether economic or war. Take WWII, where the UK, under a great deal of stress and threat called upon the populace to rally to the cause. They did, turned up in millions and contributed to the eventual victory and at great personal cost to countless families.
In the post war world the ordinary people of the UK were rewarded with the creation of the Welfare State and the NHS. That was patriotism displayed by the Elite, the government at the time. The people’s patriotism was reciprocated by the Government and Parliament.
Scratch my back and I will scratch yours. And quite right to.
Fast forward to the present and we are in another UK entirely. In the modern UK the Welfare State is being dismantled before our eyes by Labour, Tory and LibDems, seemingly all in agreement as to the “moral” correctness in following this path. Morality in this case equals target the poor and the vulnerable. All 3 mainstream Westminster parties have embraced this, let us be crystal clear about this unescapable truth. Oh, they have wrapped it up in pseudo economic terms to justify it, but a truth is a truth. Wave good bye to the fundamental pillars of British post war society. The NHS is equally being taken apart. I’m not going to forensically examine the reasons, just to state my opposition to this. It’s wrong. It’s inhuman. But, in todays Labour/Tory/LibDem party, it’s accepted.
How does this fit in with the Scottish referendum?
Scots have a choice to make in September. Are they patriotic or not?
You see, in my world, the beating heart of a nation are the people. The UK government has decided that it will no longer reciprocate the post war patriotism as enshrined in the Welfare State and the NHS. That threat to the Welfare state and the NHS is unpatriotic. Can this decision by Westminster and the British Elite be countered within the framework of the UK? Absolutely not. So, as Scots, we are presented with an opportunity to show Westminster the true meaning of Patriotism. We are going to exercise our choice to adopt a people centric view of what a nation should aspire to be. We are going to leave this UK, this unpatriotic UK, that has failed the people and we are going to go out on our own path. We’ll get there and the destination is a much more balanced and fairer society. One that covets what is actually important in the life of the nation state.
The patriotism shown and reciprocated through nation and society that recognises that the beating heart of a nation state are the people who live there.


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