The Dark Heart of Johann Lamont

I feel sad. 22nd March, 2014, a day that will live in……. great sadness.
Today was the day that Johann Lamont reached an unbelievable low.
Johann made a speech to the Labour party conference which has been interpreted as an attack on Alex Salmond’s private life. Mr Salmond is married but has no children.
I quote her words here as follows;
“But there is one thing which the First Minister has discovered this year. Women give birth to children. Then they look after them. So when his focus groups tell him women don’t like him he discovers childcare. It wasn’t exactly the same as Fleming discovering penicillin. Splitting the atom it was not but I suppose the First Minister learning anything about how real Scots live their lives is some sort of progress. I’m not going to give any theories about why the First Minister has a problem with women. But let me offer this thought. The huge issues which women face here and abroad are deeper than any constitutional arrangement and they must be addressed with political will regardless of what the constitutional settlement may be. I know that not one step on the road to greater equality for women was ever delivered without a battle so whatever happens in the referendum this September it will not mean that women’s lives will be better. The argument for greater equality must always be made and won on its own terms. We will continue to highlight inequality and demand change. But let me be clear. If there is to be any progress for women there has to be a connection between ambition and practical delivery. It is not enough just to describe the challenges which women face, there has to be a commitment to change.”

These words are painful, perhaps not to Alex Salmond and his wife, Moira, but to those of us who actually look beyond the September Referendum to a better Scotland.
I regard these words of Lamont’s to be bitter, angry and carefully crafted with the intention to cause maximum insult and hurt.
The problem with Johann Lamont is that not everyone wants to get so dirty and personal in this debate (I know, I run a blog that ridicules Scottish Unionist politicians, but I’m not a politician). As ordinary Scots we want to hear the arguments from both sides. I’m a Yes supporter, but I’m keen to hear positive, rational arguments for the Union from the No side. It makes for good democracy. I’m yet to hear them, but it strikes me that it isn’t that difficult. I could make a good attempt at a positive case for the Union. True, it would involve a lot of rearrangement of the current British Establishment and power sharing web that is dragging the UK down. So why cannot Lamont? Why fall back on bitter personal attacks on Mr and Mrs Salmond?
I believe that it reveals a dark heart at the centre of Johann Lamont.
The hatred enshrined in Lamont’s words is a visible example of the bile that fuels and drives Lamont. It is shocking on many levels. That a professional politician could draw on this to make a point during the most important point in the history of Scotland and, indeed, the UK, is disappointing. What does it say about us to the wider world? Thankfully, I suspect that Scots will not be tarred with the same bitter hued brush.
But what does it reveal about the darker thoughts of Johann Lamont and her closest circle? What is going on in there? Has her view of the debate on the future of 5 million people really been distilled down to one all consuming thought; “I hate Alex Salmond?” I suspect that it has.
This is actually dangerous, because Johann Lamont has the ear of very influential people. What is she advocating? At what point in the polls does the hatred reach a tipping point and we see Lamont cross a line? It is now March when I write this, with 5 months to go to voting day. What happens when, for instance, in April, there is further momentum towards Yes. What dark thoughts of Lamont’s will manifest themselves in actions more reprehensible than what we witnessed this weekend?
I strongly suspect that we require to be very vigilant. It only takes a rant from Johann Lamont to willing ears within the British Establishment and we could be witnessing something extremely sinister.
There is a further question from this episode that needs to be asked? Why is this nasty behaviour able to manifest itself within the Scottish Labour Party? Is there some ingredient within their collective make up that prohibits reasonable thought?
On the evidence that I have seen there is a clear lack of morality. It is not there. The Labour Party in Scotland has now recast itself as a party of hatred.
As someone who sees themselves on the Left of Centre I look at Johann Lamont and I see a dangerous person. Someone who is so bitter, so full of hatred that she is capable of anything. We should be worried, we should be vigilant and we should expect the worst.


13 thoughts on “The Dark Heart of Johann Lamont

  1. Brian McDiarmid

    A very well written article, thank you. I have one question, who is it that wrote that speach of Lamonts? We are constantly being reminded by Lamont herself when she speaks without a script that she is very much inept at free thinking and regularly comes across as someone who is not too sharp when it comes to being able to string a few logical sentences together, hence the comment, “Scots are not genetically programmed to make political decisions,” That one was a masterpiece of stupidity no matter what she was trying to say, that was lost in what she actually said.

    I look forward to reading more from you in the next few months. Saor Alba.

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    1. a.strachan

      I take it as this hinting he has no kids and he is unaware how kids are made?:

      But there is one thing which the First Minister has discovered this year. Women give birth to children. Then they look after them. So when his focus groups tell him women don’t like him he discovers childcare.

  3. Matthew Wiseman

    This is an excellent article and it proves that labour are losing the arguments and have reduced themselves to making personal attacks to the FM. This is a slow painful death of the labour party in Scotland, they know this and come 2016 holyrood elections, they will find themselves with even fewer msp’s than now.
    People want debates on the issues on the referendum, labour previously echoed this but look what you’re doing.

    YES 18/9/14

  4. George McKee

    Lamont is a bitter and twisted old witch. She is a wee Glasgow keelie who would be better employed in a wash house . I have no idea which part of Scottish society she represents but it certainly not mine, (Working class, Ex Serviceman,and YES voter, just for the record) never in my life could I be persuaded to vote for her and her bunch of Gypsies, tramps and thieves, one of whom is close to going to jail Eric Joyce and another who has just been released Bill Walker and of course Expenses cheat Jim Devine …………Do you really think we want these people running our country Johan ?? NOT THIS CALLSIGN !!

  5. Siôn Rees Williams

    An open letter to Johann Lamont.

    Dear Ms Lamont,

    Why I address you as ‘dear’, I’m not really sure – I suppose it’s convention, and I suppose I’m a bit of a traditionalist too when it comes down to it. I’m also generally very polite, even to my fiercest enemies, political and others. So I’ll try and maintain decorum – even if it’s rather difficult at times.

    Today, you’ve made my task in doing so even more difficult. I admit that as a Nationalist our viewpoints will often disagree – in particular, those concerning the future of Scotland. We will both huff and puff from our respective sides, but in the end neither will convince the other of their arguments. A chacun son goût.

    As a lawyer by training, it would be tempting for me to pick holes in your speech to the Scottish Labour party Conference phrase by phrase. However, you may be relieved to know, that it’s rather late tonight for me to start – but don’t think that gets you off the hook entirely. You see – and my friends will vouch for this – once I get my teeth into something, I will worry it like a dog does a bone and only let go once I have tasted it all. And that includes the marrow.

    However, my main point tonight concerns your comments regarding the childlessness of the First Minister and his wife’s marriage. Other, more activist and certainly more political Scots than I, have had (and will continue to have) their views on what they term to be the crassness, stupidity, shamelessness etc of your remarks on this issue. It is not for me to prevent them from saying such things – we have freedom of speech (for the moment), which incidentally, allows YOU to have your say too.

    Nor do I have the right to reply on behalf of Mr and Mrs Salmond – and indeed, I do not know their own personal circumstances. Indeed, I do not WISH to know their personal circumstances in this matter. And I don’t think the vast majority of Scots – Nationalists and others, those voting YES *and* those voting NO – have any interest either in such prurient matters.

    What I will say is that this statement of yours, in having an unhealthy interest in the reproductive organs of the First Minister of Scotland and his wife is obnoxious, unwarranted and irrelevant to any discussion of the forthcoming Referendum. More particularly, it is a slur on thousands of other Scots – men and women, YES voters and NO voters – who do not have what you term ‘a normal family life.’

    Further, on a personal level, this is wounding to those like my mother – of which I imagine there are many similar women in Scotland. Prior to my birth in 1968, my mother suffered two miscarriages in her late thirties and early forties. In both cases, my father was in attendance and had to deal with both dead infants with the help of the midwife. I was destined to become the only child – a benefit and joy to my parents, indeed so. But I was also one who they were extremely fearful for, as I had arrived so late in my mother’s life (aged 44) when there was a higher risk of a further miscarriage – coupled with the fact that I arrived 10 days premature (my parents’ landlord having turned them out when my mother was 8 1/2 months’ pregnant may well have been an aggravating factor).

    Now, as I say, I am not privy to the Salmonds’ familial situation. Nor do I wish to be. But I also do not wish to be party to such gutter politics as those which you recently espoused in your attempt to further a NO vote in the Scottish Referendum; to promote the poisonous and continuous anti-SNP bile of your political party (usually directed against Alex Salmond personally as this case so amply demonstrates) and attempting to extol yourself as a potential future First Minister of Scotland.

    I’m not sure if you or the Labour Party in Scotland “do” shame any more. I am almost certain that you do not. If that is the case, then I think the good people of Scotland have only one option in this coming Referendum on Independence. And that is to vote YES to independence

    It will be a vote that will have the ringing endorsement of both me and a good many of my compatriots in Cymru/Wales as well as those of many other peoples’ from all over the world.

    Yours (again the traditionalist),

    An indecent nationalist
    (Your terminology)

    1. hektorsmum

      Very well said. I too am an only child,my Mother died shortly after my birth leaving me in my Aunt and Uncles hands, Dad was in the Army. and I am one who has chosen not to add to the population of the world. I am utterly disgusted at Johann Lamont who has shown the world her true colours and they are not pretty.

    2. Morag

      It’s not a secret, Mr. Williams. Moira Salmond was 43 when she married Alex, having had a successful career as a civil servant. While it’s not impossible to start a family after marrying at 43, it’s cutting it a bit fine to put it mildly.

      My concern is that the attack wasn’t just on the Salmonds. Bear in mind that Nicola Sturgeon and her husband Peter Murrell have no children either. They have been married for a few years, and Nicola is also now 43. I have no idea if their childlessness is through choice or whether it is a grief to them. I have a horrible feeling though that Lamont’s target was not only the Salmond family.

  6. Howard M. Kennedy

    I cannot add anything to what has been said so eloquently above but to express my extreme disappointment and disgust in the behaviour of the so-called leader of the Scottish branch of the Westminster Labour Party. It seems that Labour’s loss of their “God-Given Right” to hold sway in Scotland has cut them deeply and they are lashing out in ever more bizarre and personal ways against those whose dedication to principled politics has wrested their control of the national conscience.

    Thankfully people in Scotland are finally seeing the labour party for what it has been for 25 years. Why, when the UK had three terms of Labour Government did destitute areas of Scotland (and the rest of the UK) end up even more destitute? Quite simply because as long as the myth (for such it has been for 25 years) of Labour being the party that cares for the poor and working classes remained intact, it was in their favour to ensure the poor, the destitute and the disadvantaged remained that way to ensure their continuing votes for “The Party”.

    The eyes of the people are now open and we are witnessing the agonised death throes of a once powerful beast, reduced to snapping at anything and everything in a petulant last defiance against the inevitable end.

  7. Fae Queen

    Thankyou, Johann Lamont, for putting another few nails in the coffin of Scottish New Labour, and building a fine pyre for the remains of the BT campaign.


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