Malcolm Chisholm; I’m disappointed

I’ve always thought that Malcolm Chisholm had a bit more going for him than your more average Labour MSP.

He’s had a meaty career, been an MP and to his credit stood down from Westminster to become an MSP.

Regarded by some as a bit of a Left Winger, some in the Independence campaign have speculated that he may be a closet potential Yes supporter.


Malcolm and Better Together friends 20 March 2014


I used to think that as well, but on the basis of this image we must conclude that Malcolm is just another British Nationalist, happy with Scotland being bled dry by a Neo Liberal political elite in London. You see, you can’t have your cake and eat it. You cannot be a Left Winger in the Labour Party while your Party embraces policies that target the vulnerable. Resigning and sitting on the back benches simply isn’t good enough. The UK political system equates with Right Wing policies and Malcolm, you are providing the support that they need. Shame on you!


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