Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest liar of them all?

You’ve been deceived. You have been lied to. In fact the wool has been well and truly pulled over your eyes.


But let’s talk about other things first.

I know that you still hold dear the core values of the Old Labour Party, the commitment to be democratic at all levels within the party, and society in general, to help the poor, weak and disadvantaged. To look out for the vulnerable.

You really do want people, all people, to get a fairer crack of the whip and to re-distribute wealth in a fairer way in society. This society, the one we all share and are a part of.

You believe the state should provide welfare on the basis of equality, it should be widely available to the whole population and that it should be financed via taxation.

I also know that you identify with the relationship between state and society. You see in education, social security and welfare the foundations for a caring society.

There are other ideals that you hold true.

Redistribution is one of the ideals – it means that wealth is evenly distributed amongst all citizens via higher taxes? Yes, that’s right.

If you are honest, you don’t like taxes, they are a necessary evil but you really don’t mind paying them if you know that the hard earned money is going to a good cause.

The poor, the weak and the vulnerable.

Do you remember Collectivism? The Unions are still here. They provide the glue that can bind ordinary working people together within the workplace. It was a hard-one right that our forefathers struggled to see put in place. Are they still doing the right thing by their members?

You are lucky, you have a job. That’s a precious thing in this era of Tory Government and austerity cuts. You don’t share the values as embraced by the Tories. You know what they are; Neo Liberal economic policies, a Casino Finance Industry, tax dodgers, hitting the poor when they are down. What Political Party with an ounce of humanity would even consider implementing policies like that?

There used to be dream of Nationalisation of Industry. Sadly no more. Don’t get me wrong, and I’m sure you will agree, but there is a place, a very important place, for Privatisation. But where this means that the Government becomes more open to the privatisation of certain areas of state enterprise such as the NHS, then a red line has been crossed. We both fundamentally disagree with that approach.

I guess we do have to face up to the modern world, for instance in our society more and more people want a free-market economy as it tends to generate more wealth for society as a whole. Nothing wrong with that as long as people don’t lose sight of those core values. The core values that anchor society to what is fundamentally right.

Talking of what is right, I know you still think very strongly that there are fundamentals that should be adhered to; reduce unemployment, have a mixed public and private sector economy and a comprehensive welfare system. Did I mention that already? No matter, it’s still worth highlighting. Thatcherism started the rot. What we could have done with a succession of governments that could have reversed that sickening ideology. Chance would be a fine thing *laughs bitterly*

Do you still believe in unilateral nuclear disarmament? You do? Excellent! Old beliefs die hard. That’s the spirit.

I’m going to get all high-brow now, but stick with me and I’ll try and unravel what’s in my head.

The trouble we have these days is this blanket Liberal Conservatism that everyone has adopted. It is simply an extension of Thatcherism inasmuch as it is no different from Thatcherite attempts to blend traditional conservative and classical liberal principles. Take for instance the traditional Right Wing views regarding education, the family and welfare, then Liberal Conservatism is simply a progression of Thatcherism. Out with the old and in with the old again, although this time it’s even more extreme. That’s the Tories for you

They are incapable of maintaining what they regard as the dynamic, innovative and efficient aspects and advantages of a liberalised economy without avoiding the painful consequences such as social fragmentation. It really takes a heart of stone to follow this path willingly, but, let’s face it, they are all following it, every last one of them. These London based career politicians are cruel and only looking out for themselves.


We both hold dear to our hearts the interests and needs of the working classes, the unemployed and the poor, not for us the concerns and the interests of consumers, especially those in what they call middle England. Just because they have a level of prosperity these Middle Englanders have become concerned less with economic issues than with the quality of their lives. That’s the voters the Tories are chasing.

Middle England, an ultra free market and privatisation of all former publicly owned services that aren’t tied down. That’s the Tory approach.

Anyway, I waffle and go off on tangents as usual. You know me. Where was I? Oh yes!

You know that awful Bedroom Tax, well on 11 February 2014, there was a Westminster debate, which called for the tax to be scrapped, it had been organised by the Labour party itself. Anyway Gordon Brown, Jim Murphy and Douglas Alexander didn’t even vote and that new Deputy Scottish leader Anas Sarwar, so much for him. He didn’t turn up either.

A couple of days ago, again in Westminster, they agreed by 520 votes to 22 to back the £119.5 billion ceiling on welfare spending in 2015-16 announced by that Tory George Osborne in his Budget the week before. A bunch of Scottish Labour MP’s voted in favour of the Tory benefit cap by George Osborne. I kid you not. Who? Well Margaret Curran for starters and Darling, Greatrex, Willie Bain, Anne Begg…yes Ann Begg! Ian Davidson as well. I could go on, yes Alexander, Harris, Murphy. The whole lot of them.

Where did we start. Oh yes, You’ve been deceived. You have been lied to. In fact the wool has been well and truly pulled over your eyes.


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