The Wickedness of Danny Alexander, the Ravening Wolf of Badenoch

I believe that at a fundamental level Danny Alexander has displayed the behaviours of a deeply unpleasant person.

How to paint a picture of Danny Alexander and where to start?

Let’s start with this.

In a piece dated 30 July 2013, Danny Alexander, Liberal Democrat MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey, proudly announced his congratulations to Highland Foodbank. He devoted a page on his official web site.

Let me just state that again.

Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury and MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey grasped a photo opportunity at a Food Bank. This is Scotland in 2014. Does Mr Alexander look sad or disappointed to be doing this? On the contrary, he looks chuffed to bits.


This isn’t the first time that Danny has courted controversy, far from it.

In March 2011 Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury decided to conduct a windfall tax raid on the North Sea oil sector which netted £10 billion for London. He descended on Scotland’s natural resources like some modern day ravening Wolf of Badenoch, then went home to London with his pockets stuffed with Scotland’s cash, to hand the money over to his Tory boss George Osborne and presumably a “Well done,” with a pat on the back.

Those that were critical of this tax raid at the time included Scottish CBI director, Iain McMillan, Statoil, the Norwegian state oil company, Valiant Petroleum and Scottish Gas subsidiary Centrica.

Danny Alexander ignored all criticism, both political and from business leaders.

Scotland was, suddenly, the poorer for this tax raid.

Now Danny had a choice, a clear grown up choice to make. Allow the tax to remain where it was, uncollected or raid it for his London bosses? As a Scot and a politician, Danny will be completely aware of the stresses that bedevil Scottish society.

Child poverty for instance.

Child Poverty Action Group states that 1 in 5 children in Scotland live in poverty. That is a chilling statistic.

Danny Alexander, had an opportunity to do something powerful and good for the children of Scotland, he could have used his position in the cabinet to lobby for positive action on behalf of Scotland’s children. I can’t imagine a stronger message that could have been sent out that said, “Hey Scotland, the London Government cares about you.” Danny’s stock would have risen and the result would have been a win-win for the Unionist camp and tens of thousands of children.

An opportunity lost.

Alternatively, Danny, with one eye on a possible historical constitutional change could have kept the tax uncollected by London and potentially available to a future Scottish Government.

Danny decided to hand it over to London. He even boasted of this. He was proud of what he did.

Danny, of course, walked willing into the Lions Den of Coalition Government.

When it comes to the small matter of the Referendum, Danny has been to the fore when it comes to putting Scotland down. I cannot recall a more dispassionate person when it comes to making statements and creating policy designed to put Scotland at a disadvantage.

This weekend is a case in point because we have witnessed a report, apparently from a reliable source within the Westminster Government which said Scotland could share the pound with the rest of the UK after a Yes vote, despite the Coalition repeatedly saying it was impossible. An anonymous Coalition minister was quoted saying that “of course” Scotland would have a formal currency union.

The bombshell forced Chancellor George Osborne and Danny Alexander to issue a statement insisting a currency union would not happen. “Any suggestion to the contrary is wrong,” they said. Danny was quick out of the blocks, apparently keen as mustard to put Scotland down again.

So why is Danny Alexander doing this? What possible gratification does he receive from seeing the country of his birth robbed, put down, lied to and deliberately subjected to high levels of child poverty?

I put myself in Danny’s shoes and attempt to view the world from his perspective and I struggle to see it a favourable light. I can only arrive at one conclusion and one which not only damns Danny Alexander, but doubly damns him.

In the three party Westminster system, it is natural to assume that there is clear blue water between the parties political visions. A Lib Dem will wish to follow a narrative that is different from a Conservative. I would expect this to be just as clear while in Coalition Government. The evidence would be policies that were easily seen to be compromises between to different starting points. With Danny Alexander, you do not see this. On the evidence of what we have seen and experienced Danny Alexander sits on the same cardinal point of the political compass occupied by David Cameron and George Osbourne. He is a Right Wing politician, with deeply held Conservative convictions, economic and constitutional. London comes first and Scottish children are necessary collateral damage in his warped vision of a Neo Liberal future.

And some of you believed his bullshit about being a Liberal Democrat?



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