It could be Hammond

So who leaked the piece at the weekend to the Guardian?

Which Government source stated that there would be a currency union?

I think it’s a Mr P Hammond, Minister.


If it’s Hammond, then we have to consider internal party politics at work here. Hammond may be making a play for the Tory Party leadership. A pragmatic, no nonsense approach could actually see him build a measure of support.

The coalition with the Lib Dems is poison to some parts of the Tory Party. It’s not popular with the grass roots. He’s no fan of Danny Alexander and probably resents him. It would be to his personal advantage as Hammond would see himself on the Right of the Tory Party, with concerns about Europe and Defence.

If he sets himself up as a pragmatic opponent of Cameron’s dithering on Scotland he could endear himself to a late flowering of English nationalism within the Tory party. To the grass roots Hammond could paint a picture of a UK that has lost it’s way and requires reinvention. Scottish Independence, in a strange way, allows this to happen. Any number of positive pictures can be painted if one has the courage.

Break up becomes reinvention, a new place in the world for England. A shared currency becomes a shared market, with opportunities for investment.

The loss of Scottish Nuclear Bases becomes a realignment of Defence requirements, a reinvestment in traditional defence capabilities. This fits with current US thinking.

The loss of the UK becomes the gain of traditional English values and a reawakening of a long dormant English national consciousness.

England is rediscovered with the Tory Party and Hammond at the helm.


2 thoughts on “It could be Hammond

  1. Tris

    Yes credible… and the timing could be fitting in with the first equal marriages in England/Wales, over which Hammond and Cameron had a falling out.

  2. sandra

    Was thinking exactly the same mode but with regard to nigel Farage and UKIP, after his spot on ch4 tonight and especially in his speech at the end.


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