The shame of Scotland

Alistair Darling is being applauded for his courage in claiming Cybernats are the shame of Scotland for  using the freedom that the internet brings to voice opinions that Darling does not want to hear, indeed would rather not hear.


Let’s do a comparison with the actions of Darling, in no particular order;

1. As an elected MP he holds down three jobs, MP, private speaking engagements and Better Together spokesperson. He should be representing his constituents to the best of his available time.

2. As Chancellor he was at the controls (supposedly) when the banking crisis enveloped society. I have yet to hear a word of remorse from him.

3. He was a key member of the UK government that saw in the financial and economic crisis. For which he appears to shoulder no blame.

4. He supports policies that Painfully target the vulnerable in society. Remember this is a man who is a member of the Labour Party, please take note.

5. He was part of the establishment that went to war in Iraq. Not a regret it would seem.

6. He lies about the Potential of Scotland as an independent country. He has developed being a bringer of Negative comments about Scotland into an art form.

7. He gratefully accepted cash to finance the Better Together campaign from a very dodgy source. And a  Tory donation at that, without any sense of irony.

So who is the Shame of Scotland, those who exercise free speech to challenge those who incompetently and knowingly misuse power?

Or a vain, greedy, dishonest, cruel man who would deliberately put his country down for cash and the potential for undemocratic honours?


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