An Appeal to The Weir Group

This is an appeal to the Weir Group.

I heard the R4 Weir interview this morning. I must admit to being disappointed with the rather blinkered and, frankly, filtered view of Scottish Independence.

If there is a Yes vote, then I would hope that a future Scottish society developed a more holistic view of the nation at the heart of it’s thinking. I would say to the Weir spokesperson and his colleagues to remember that there are hundreds of thousands of children in Scotland living in poverty. One of the reasons that there is an appetite for Independence is to rid Scotland of the injustices that plague Scottish society because of the Union.

Business should promote a caring attitude to the society that it operates within. Weir should grasp that opportunity and be a part of a better future.

Thinking to that future, I would also advocate a new tax structure in Scotland that encouraged charitable activities to aid the vulnerable in exchange for a favourable tax regime. Is that something that would appeal to Weir Group? Can Weir contribute thought to that better Scotland?

In the present, Weir would gain respect by showing a more charitable response to the issues that are driving pro Independence thinking. If it doesn’t, it just shows itself in a bad light and could find itself being viewed by caring society as little more than another big business completely detached from right thinking people who have a better Scottish society at the heart of their progressive thinking.

There is a part of the population that supports Yes for sound, well thought out reasons. They may not be looking at the bottom line on an hourly basis, nor thinking outside the box on borrowing rates. They may be aware of Standard and Poors concerns regarding the credit rating of the UK and the relative weakness of the UK economy, but really, the reasons are that they look around them. They see that there is so much better that Scotland can do. They will look to established Scottish business for understanding and empathy, not scare stories.

There are two futures open to Scotland and the Scottish people. One of uncertainty where we do not have our hands on the tiller and another one of greater certainty where we do have our hands on the tiller.

Where will Weir be?


2 thoughts on “An Appeal to The Weir Group

  1. hektorsmum

    They have history, did the same during the 1997 Devolution Referendum, still here. Nobody believes a liar in the end.

  2. grumpyscottishman

    The sad fact is they are looking at what they perceive they will lose. I am sick of these companies coming out to scare people, if it’s a no vote the damage they will have caused in the longer term doesn’t bare thinking about. We have one chance to change our country, to change our history and our future.


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