Unleash the Beasts

It started with Johann Lamont’s speech to the Labour conference unsubtly having a go at Alex Salmond’s marriage and has quite quickly escalated (or degenerated) to complaints about Yes stickers, vandalism and threats. We’ve had Alistair Darling on the Andrew Marr show complaining about the actions of Yes supporters and videos of crazy loons harassing Yes campaigners.

You know when these tactics are now becoming highly visible, indeed audible that No are on the back foot. They are extremely nervous. I’m of the opinion that there has always been a very secret Plan B locked away in some drawer in Better Together HQ which would have contained – let’s us be diplomatic with our language – a list of spoiling tactics, not to be shown the light of day unless things started to go badly.

They are going badly for No and someone has decided to break out the folder marked “Secret. Only to be opened in case of emergencies.”

So which of our merry men and woman of the No campaign is going to be first out of the blocks with the first of probably many incendiary accusations or comments? It will most certainly be a senior Labour type. Lib Dems don’t do menace. Tory lackeys they most certainly are but to quote a former Labour Minister, “it would be like being savaged by a dead sheep.”

I’m going to go for one of these charmers and guaranteed, it won’t be pretty.

bwilson  dmurphy

gfoulkes hliddell

idavidson  grobertsonjhood  stairheed

Of course, I could be completely wrong but when you stand to lose a substantial career, a peerage, hefty salary, business contacts and when your head is so far up the British Establishment’s arse that you can see Danny Alexander’s legs, I’m confident that I’ve called this right.

Update; 8th April 0610. Radio 4 reports that George Islay MacNeill Robertson, Baron Robertson of Port Ellen, predicts an apocalypse for the west if Scotland is Independent (or words to that effect). Of course, the fact that Robertson may no longer be worth his £300 a day expenses at the House of Lords and will probably no longer be worth his seat on the various boards of businesses that he represents has no bearing on his intervention. Of course not!

A better Scotland or a fat bank account for Baron Robertson of Port Ellen? It is your choice.

Here is the link to his speech;


And this is where Lord Robertson gives the game away, with a quote from his speech;

“Scots are prominent, some would say dominant, at every level of British life….”

So there we have, in his own words, laid bare the fear that permeates Robertson’s mind. He and his kind will be surplus to requirements. He will no longer be prominent nor dominant in British life. He is so transparent and empty an individual.




2 thoughts on “Unleash the Beasts

  1. Doug McGregor

    Sic’ a parcel o’ rogues in a nation. Negative selling never works , people are basically optimistic. If the Scottish public listens to any or all of the above then I despair for us. ps you might have as well added Broonie.

  2. daibhidhdeux

    Baw Jaws of Islay bumping his gums again at the neo-con Brookings Institution (his ideological haven?) and stirring the military intervention pot by the USA: A British warmonger par excellence.


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