The voices of ordinary people

I follow the online debate via Facebook, bloggers and Twitter. New media can be a real heart warming experience when you come across someone who has posted meaningful content that resonates with you.
Over the next week, I’m going to post content from other Yes supporters that I have found inspirational. There are serious posts, there are songs, witty comments and poetry. All is welcome and every word is important. Lest we forget, this is a grass roots campaign and it has engaged people at a deeply personal level like no other.
I make no apologies for focussing on Yes material because it is, in the main, and by miles, positive. When you see the negativity from the No side, it’s a no brainer.
I believe in the power of the written word and although I consider myself a hopeless amateur I think I can recognise a good sentence when I see one. When this debate is over and the counting has finished, the online revolution that has witnessed ordinary people share their hopes and positive aspirations for a Future Scotland will be remembered for generations, regardless of the outcome.

I’m going to start with Eddi Reader. In November last year she appeared on Question Time and then followed it up with a serious of posts on her Facebook pages where she invited others to join in the debate. It was great stuff. Eddi is a passionate contributor. The following is from Eddi’s Facebook debate, dated 8th December, where she highlighted words from one of her Facebook followers, I’m sure she won’t mind me posting it.

Eddi, you’ll be waiting a long time for a positive case for the Union to be offered up by politicians. My personal opinion is that Independence is a compassionate response to the injustice that is the morally bankrupt Westminster system. Independence will be a catalyst for change throughout these islands and will help to deliver social change while rebalancing economic wealth. Independence will also create a different market dynamic which will enrich the poorer parts of England that are close in geographical terms to Scotland. An Independent Scotland can be an example for all by embracing positive change. What left of centre politician wouldn’t grasp the opportunity to make a difference? I’ll leave others to answer that question. Thanks for the inspiration you showed on QT and the music.


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