Frank Roy and Farage, kindred spirits

Frank Roy Labour MP for Motherwell and Wishaw is being wheeled into the Better Together campaign to provide political co-ordination to activists. This is along with a national campaign by Better Together promoting “the positive case for why the brightest future for our young people is part of the UK”

I welcome a bright future for our young people, however there are caveats attached to this vision if you are Frank Roy.

Because if you happen to be a young person who is in a same-sex relationship and want to get married, then you will clash with the beliefs of Mr Roy. If you are a young person in a same-sex relationship, who wants to cement their love for one another with marriage then you must understand that Frank Roy voted against same-sex marriage in the Westminster Parliament.

Frank Roy, MP for Motherwell and Wishaw doesn’t believe in equality.

Why Frank Roy doesn’t resign from the Labour Party and just join UKIP is beyond me. He shares the same political vision.

Roy voted against same-sex marriage while UKIP supports civil partnerships but opposes legalisation of same-sex marriage because of concerns that a law change could mean faith groups and places of worship would be forced to perform same-sex marriages.

I would remind all Labour activists that will be taking part in the Better Together campaign of several important facts;

Your campaign is bankrolled by a Tory Party donor.

Your campaign is being provided political co-ordination by an MP who shares the same views as UKIP.

I would also ask a question of Labour activists campaigning for Better Together.

“Would you campaign for UKIP?”

If the answer to this question is “No” then what on earth are you doing following political co-ordination from Frank Roy?

frankroy   Nigel-Farage

Frank Roy and Nigel Farage; kindred spirits.


2 thoughts on “Frank Roy and Farage, kindred spirits

  1. Iain

    Excellent points. Roy also thought it a great idea to support the Tory/Liberal cap on benefits spending although 24% of children in his Motherwell & Wishaw constituency live in poverty – that’s an unbelievable 1 in 4.
    I wouldn’t like to be poor and/or gay with an MP like that representing me.


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