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Blair ‘n Bush ‘n John Reid

With questions currently being asked regarding the release of documents containing the conversations between Blair and Bush which resulted in the decision to invade Iraq, I’ve managed a bit of a scoop over the MSM.

The following is a genuine transcript of the discussion between those two towering statesmen.

Did I forget to mention that Dr John Reid was standing in the background in Blair’s office, pouring the tea and pondering his future career like the good socialist that he was (and obviously still is)?

Bush: Yo! Blair. We want to invade Iraq. Can we count on your support?

Blair: What’s in it for me?

Bush: What do you want?

Blair: Immunity from prosecution and a Middle East peace envoy role in the future.

Bush: No problem. You got your people on side about this?

Blair: Yes I have.

Bush: You sure?

Blair: Absolutely. They are all career driven types who tore up the moral handbook years ago. They’ll do whatever it takes to bolster their own political profile. It helps, you see, in the British system, to be seen to be a part of a big project. Helps in getting promotion, a Peerage and other honours.

*sound of teacup and teaspoon excitedly chinking in the background, probably as a result of a trembling hand*

Bush: What’s a peerage?

Blair: It’s like a retirement home for redundant politicians. It’s called the Lords, it’s a second political chamber, thoroughly undemocratic but no one cares. They get to be called Lord such and such, they earn expenses money from attending. Most of the Peers (that’s the term for those who receive a peerage George) get a huge boost to their own self esteem. It’s completely medieval but very profitable for those lucky enough to be elevated.

Bush: Well medieval is what we going to do to Saddam’s ass.

Blair: Been watching movies George? (laughs)

Bush: What do you mean.

Blair: Never mind.

Blair: Remind me why we are invading?

Bush: The oil. Then there are spin offs, such as contracts for rebuilding the place after we’ve been in and flattened it.

Blair: Oh yeah, that sounds ok to me. Shall we pray?

Bush: Yes. Will you lead, please?

Blair: Oh Lord in Heaven……….etc etc…Amen.

Bush: Amen.

Fades out to sound of cruise missiles, tank engines and John Reid rubbing his hands with glee at the thought of soon becoming Leader of the House of Commons.



Danny Alexander; The Cuckoo in the LibDem nest

The media has gone mad about the infighting among the LibDems. Who knew what, who knifed who in the back, who is loyal to Nick Clegg and who is not. Then there is the controversial matter of the polls, in particular the one gathered in Danny Alexander’s constituency of Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey. It would seem that the locals don’t like him much these days.

It’s been an entertaining day on the blogs and the comments sections of the online newspapers. What I have found hilarious is the seemingly penny drop moment that appears to happened across the UK.

Apparently everyone has just realised that Danny Alexander is a Tory!

Cue massive disappointment and anger. Many commentators are seething with ill feeling towards Danny Alexander and see him as an arch traitor to strongly held LibDem beliefs. He’s been portrayed as a poodle of George Osborne, as an enemy of the poor and the vulnerable. Students hate him, the media hate him, it seems no one has a good word to say about him.


It would appear that his crime is to have been a loyal and willing contributor to the Conservative led policies that have seen the poor punished for the economic downturn.

He’s betrayed his principles, his left wing guiding star.

Of course all these commentators are correct but they are also all wrong.

You see Danny Alexander hasn’t betrayed any long held, principled beliefs that he may once have held.
Danny never held any that could recognisably be thought of as LibDem. He may have talked the talk, pressed the right flesh at conferences and generally done the right thing in ascending through the LibDem hierarchy to be selected as a candidate for Westminster, but he was never progressive nor left wing.

Among the many examples of charlatans that have conned their way into a political career Danny Alexander has to be up there with the worst (or best if you admire liars and con artists).

What irks me most about him is that it was blindingly obvious from the very beginning of his career as a would be MP that he was a fraud.

He followed the usual path by reading Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at St Anne’s College, Oxford. That should be a warning sign to anyone who takes an interest in politics. Unfortunately most constituents don’t and hence the success of many a professional careerist like Alexander.

His career prior to being an MP was another indicator of his true intensions. In 1993 and 1994, Alexander worked as a press officer with the Scottish Liberal Democrats, before spending eight years as the Director of Communications at the European Movement (1996–1999) and its successor organisation, the Britain in Europe campaign (1999–2004). If you are a political nerd then feel free to read up on this organisation. I’m not going to knock it’s intensions but it’s hardly a place to nurture a young mind about the real lives of the majority of the inhabitants of the Europe and as far as giving meaningful insight into the lives of people struggling with poverty or struggling socially within Fanny’s (that was an accidental typo, but I’m going to keep it) eventual constituency, you can forget it.

Then he rounded off his preparation for progressive left wing political representation in 2004 and 2005 by becoming the Head of Communications for the recently formed Cairngorms National Park Authority.

So much for life experience then.

As far as I was concerned he was a dangerous career opportunist, a Tory and a fraud.

I was right then and I’m right today.

What I think is really important in the Danny Alexander story is the way that he has pulled the wool over the eyes of not only Scots voters but how he has totally let down English and Welsh people as well. His arrogance is breathtaking, his lies almost overwhelming and his eventual extinction as a politician all the more deserved because of this.

There is nothing wrong in being a Tory, holding their beliefs and being prepared to stand up and justify those beliefs. As long as you are honest about it. You can then debate with those who may hold a different viewpoint.
Danny Alexander is more than obviously a Tory, wearing LibDem clothing and it is that crime that is most nauseating. There are very many people out there who genuinely believed that the LibDems could and would provide an answer, in a UK context, to the ills that they perceive are dragging down society. There was just one big problem; there was a cuckoo in the LibDem nest.

The LibDem experience is no different to that of Scottish Labour. The Lib Dems have simply been infiltrated by careerists gangsters who only have their egos and bank balances at heart. Thankfully there appears to be UK wide movement of awakening among the general voter population that has realised, somewhat belatedly, that the MPs who have taken their party into a suicidal coalition with the Tories are nothing but Tories as well.

Welcome to the real world.

Hopefully Danny Alexander and co will go the way of all cheats and fraudsters but my cherished wish is that the good people of Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey, where incidentally, I lived for many years (just in case you’ve wondered), see the light and reject this man. They simply deserve better political representation.

The truly comical outcome of all this is the way that Danny Alexander will be remembered. True, he will have a legacy as an axe man; the man who willing stood in front of the cameras and justified the actions of the odious George Osborne. Danny will be the bogey man who dragged the Liberals over the precipice into political extinction, who grounded them on the rocks and steered the SS LibDem into the iceberg. He’ll be all these things and more.

I hope he’s proud of his achievements.

But the most unforgettable way that Danny Alexander will be remembered; the legacy that he will carry to his grave; the title that will forever be associated with Daniel Grian Alexander is;


Beaker the Ginger Rodent!


When I first posted my little flashing GIF (hopefully it works when you view it), I purposely did not add a commentary. I thought that words wouldn’t add much more and that the visual message would suffice. Now I think I’ll add something.

I just posted to Derek Bateman tonight regarding the new BBC Scotland replacement for Newsnight. I won’t watch it. But that’s not what I came back to the laptop to say. In my post I mentioned that the Left in Scotland had sent people to fight against Fascism in Spain, against Franco and then compared that to modern Scottish Labour. I thought I would expand on that theme. Just a few paragraphs, while I sip a G&T before bedtime.

I’ll be as brief as I can.

Can you believe that within a human lifetime, people from Scotland volunteered to fight in the Spanish Civil War? They were from the Left and wished to tackle the scourge of Fascism. Those men (and women?) recognised that Fascism was a threat and willingly decided to journey to Spain for what they believed was a just cause.

Imagine they were still around, those guys who joined the International Brigades. What would they think of UKIP? They would be appalled. But what would they think of the contributions made by Anas Sarwar, Johann Lamont and sundry other politicians who represent the Scottish Labour Party? Not only are the Labour politicians openly sneering and it would appear, rejoicing, at the election of a UKIP MEP to “represent” Scotland in Brussels, but so are journalists within the press. Did I mention that these journalists support Labour and the Union?

This is the bit where I use swear words…….

What the fuck has happened to the Scottish Left?

Yes, I know that it resides within the SNP, the Greens and the SSP, but I mean “what has happened to the Scottish Labour Party?”

I don’t like the Tories, but I’m not celebrating the win of UKIP in England!

But Scottish Labour find it within themselves to smear the SNP because UKIP managed to gain an MEP. What the fuck is that all about? Anas Sarwar and Johann Lamont tweet their smug congratulation about Unionist Parties gaining more ground than the SNP and they think that is acceptable?

The way things are going, we’ll be seeing Spanish volunteers coming to Scotland to fight the Fascist Unionist Front! History will have reversed itself.

This situation is insane.

It is at this point in the debate that I truly wish that I could sit down with Johann Lamont, look her in the eye and try to see into her soul. What would I see, looking into those eyes?

Anger, most certainly.

Determination, absolutely.

Ruthlessness, especially.

But would I see some light within her darkness. Where is the compassion, the sense of desire to do good on behalf of the down trodden? Would that be evident, perhaps even a chink within that dark soul?

And dark it evidently must be. There is clearly a trait within the modern day Labour party that attracts and nurtures those of a rather sinister disposition. It must be a must have on the CV to be able to succeed within the Scottish branch of Labour.

But I’m off on a tangent as usual. I didn’t pick up the trusty laptop to start having a go at Scottish Labour. There are plenty of others who can do that in a more literate way than I can. I’m an amateur when it comes to stringing words together.

I came on here to pay tribute to the Scottish Left of the 1st third of the 20th Century. They may have been forgotten by those who shouldn’t forget but in these dark days of the 21st century, I’m going to raise my glass to them and swear on everything that is right and proper in this world that I haven’t forgotten their example. Their memory has been let down my Scottish apologists for the Crypto-Fascists of UKIP, but there are within Scotland, those who are sickened by this turn of events and who will strive for the only outcome, the only avenue left open to right minded Scots of all political shades. That way is to work hard for a Yes vote on 18th September 2014.

SláinteSalut i Força, ¡Chinchín! 


Jim Murphy is an Ostrich

Jim Murphy annoys me. He is obviously an intelligent man. Cynics needn’t crow. You don’t get to be a UK minister without a few grey cells, well maybe…….

The trouble with Jim is that he’s not using those grey cells for the right reasons. He could apply them to sorting society’s ills, but Jim won’t do that because Jim is only out for himself.
Somewhat naively I used to think that he was perhaps a man for turning, but he has an unerring ability in proving me wrong. So I’ve given up on Jim Murphy. He is, without doubt, a thoroughly careerist Unionist, loyal to the core. A mercenary politician of the worst kind.

I have no gripes with whether he’s right wing or left wing (in fact he’s very right wing, which I’ll briefly explore further down), if he was sincere. Jim Murphy wouldn’t know sincere if it jumped up and bit him on the nose.

His latest foray  (and here) into the debate betrays his lack of insight and his penchant for telling huge fibs to the electorate.

Jim infers that he is on the Left, which is a fib of gargantuan proportions; Jim is a True Blue Tory to his bones. There’s nothing wrong with that if you genuinely hold to a conviction, but don’t tell porkies to the electorate and don’t hide within the Labour party. Be honest and come out. Jim is a Tory.

Within Jim’s piece he shows an enormous lack of judgement which actually shows his lack of insight. Jim states  “The fundamental reason UKIP are wrong is that they pretend that the solutions to our problems are to point the finger at people who live, pray or look differently from others. Their basic argument is that throwing stones at our neighbours is better than working together.”

Jim misidentifies the intended recipients of the finger pointing because he is one of those that UKIP are singling out for criticism. You see Jim, it’s the Westminster system that has failed everyone and you share the responsibility for letting UKIP gain ground. Mr Farage has repeatedly stated that Westminster is his intended target, so for Jim to identify others is hopelessly wrong.

Jim Murphy and his fellow careerists will not accept that they are in the wrong and in time honoured fashion he blames someone else and points the finger at the SNP. Jim’s in the blame game because he sees his position and career under threat. He’s the Establishment through and through.

To be a success within the British Establishment you require the status quo to remain rock solid. No change required, desired, business as usual and all aboard the Gravy Train.

Jim, like all the Westminster cabal, will reap the whirlwind of a massive public rejection of all he holds dear. That’s what happens when you refuse to use those grey cells for the common good, misuse the political system for your own narrow agenda and stick your head in the sand.




European Election, My thoughts for what its worth

Well worth a read and I have to agree with the sentiment that UKIP are not racist. They do have some idiots but I consider them a repository for anger with the established party system. Westminster politics has failed the electorate. In Scotland there is also, I believe, a core belief that is concerned with immigration, together with dissatisfaction with the Byzantine workings of the EU. 10% support for UKIP is broadly what I would expect. I’m neither surprised nor that disappointed. What do you expect when people are just people. Hopefully it will focus a few minds among the thinking Unionists.

Grumpy Scottish Man

I stayed up late last night to watch the results coming in, probably too late as a bit tired this morning but hey, I am interested in politics. Anyway, here is my take on what happened for what its worth. Please feel free to disagree, agree, not care and comment.

SNP Pretty much stayed the same as the previous euro elections. The party pulled around 28.9% of the vote and that will rise slightly with one result still to come in. No doubt the unionist parties will say the YES bandwagon has been stopped but that will be too simple an analysis to be honest. Scots tend to vote tactically a lot of the time in these type of elections so to stand still after seven years in government in Scotland can only be seen to be not bad overall. It is not a reflection on September but will be…

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A Repository for Anger

As I write, early on Monday morning, it would appear that UKIP will return an MEP in Scotland. Looking through the blogs, Facebook and Twitter, there is an awful lot of gnashing of teeth, sadness and anger. Fingers are pointed at the MSM with commentators identifying the massive coverage that UKIP have received, particularly through the medium of television. 10.4% of Scots who turned out to vote gave their allegiance to UKIP.

I’m not in the slightest surprised.

As a Scot, I know people who fit the UKIP demographic and I don’t regard them as irrational human beings, in fact they believe sincerely that they have genuine concerns that require answering.

I’ve detected a sort of centre leftist arrogance and complacency among fellow Scots; apparently we are a wholly welcoming society, ultra tolerant and progressive in thought. I’ve never believed that and I regard Scotland as a conservative society (with a small “c”).

I can accept that 1 in 10 Scots have concerns that made them think that UKIP was a better bet than the usual parties. These Scots will probably be Unionist in thought and heart, but I can be sure that many will share the classic UKIP profile of being anti EU and anti immigrant.

We should never be complacent when we discuss immigration; it requires a conversation, even among those who see themselves as the “tolerant majority”. People are unfailingly human and we shouldn’t forget that.
I think that the anti immigration issue should be approached and understood from two different view points in Scotland.

The first point is simply the numbers game. UKIP voters will see immigrants in terms of a housing queue, or competition for jobs. We should be cognisant to this and not dismiss it as silly scaremongering. Potentially 1 in 10 Scots see it as a legitimate point of conversation. We should listen to them. “The country is hard-up and we’re still letting people in!” This reaction is understandable.

The second point is rather more difficult to encapsulate in a single word or phrase, but it is a rejection of multi culturalism. Identities are important in this discussion. Scots see themselves as “Scots” or “British” and this is manifested in different ways. If you suddenly start to experience people from different cultural backgrounds living among you, taking the kids to school, standing in the checkout queue and they look or speak differently, is it beyond surprise that 1 in 10 Scots will not react in a positive way?

Scotland is a conservative society, across all shades of that society. UKIP is capturing support from all across this Scottish society. In that respect Scotland is probably no different than parts of England or France.

People are unfailingly human and we shouldn’t forget that.

The other common denominator, of course, is the EU. Immigration and austerity are causing voters to become more inward and insular in thought. The EU is the obvious bogey man in all of this.

So let us not get snobbish in a politically correct point of way. We need to accept that what has happened is a symptom of something greater. If we are genuinely a nation of tolerance, as many would like us to believe we are, then let’s be tolerant with those that would disagree with us and listen to them.

UKIP is a repository for anger. Listen to the anger, understand the anger and think about addressing the issues. That can be by gentle explanation or something more tangible but arguing among ourselves is not the answer.