Project Smear

Smear (definition)

Damage the reputation of (someone) by false accusations; slander.

The First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond has been attacked over an interview he gave to GQ magazine in which Mr Salmond said there were “certain aspects” of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s leadership he admired.  The interview, in which The First Minister also made clear his opposition to Russian President Mr Putin in many key areas, was made prior to the Russian annexation of Crimea.

There are numerous quotes, extracts and opinions available on the internet, so I won’t make any more hay on the detail except recommend that you carry out research, read the whole article, including Alex Salmond’s additional contributions and then make up your own mind. You will find that the press, including the BBC, have misrepresented it.

In fact the misrepresentation doesn’t stop with the press.

Westminster politicians, including William Hague and, predictably, Jim Murphy, have rallied together and delivered criticisms of the First Minister.

In effect, the British Establishment has joined forces to smear the democratically elected First Minister of Scotland. It is a coordinated series of actions. Jim Murphy, William Hague, the BBC and the press, are all on the same side and working together to undermine the democratic process in Scotland.

What does this say about them as individuals?

Quite simply, they are Smear Merchants! They smear, they spread smears and they do this because they are afraid.

But they also do this because they are extremely unpleasant people. They are nasty.

What does their smear campaign tell us about their attitude to Scotland and the people of Scotland?

Before I answer that question, it should be remembered that a fair and democratic election was run in Scotland that delivered a majority to the SNP, which then formed the Scottish Government. The people of Scotland placed their trust in the SNP and it should be emphasised that the people of Scotland did this with free will. In other words, the people of Scotland wanted an SNP government. It’s called Democracy.

But democracy and truthful representation apparently do not enter into the consciousness of Hague, Murphy and the media when it comes to Scotland. The democratic process and the truth are conveniently binned.

So to answer my question;

By misrepresenting the Scottish First Minister, Murphy, Hague, the BBC and the press display their disdain for the Scottish people. The British Establishment display their feeling that Scotland is unworthy of their consideration or respect.

It is actually quite sad. A sad moment, in a sea of sad moments, for the United Kingdom. Yet another example of smear and mistruths that poison the Westminster system. I often wonder if it can be saved from itself.

It’s all too easy to dismiss the actions of the Westminster cabal; another day, another coordinated corrupt practice or lie. Another corrupt public sell off (Royal Mail anyone?). Another smear (when was the last time you can recall something really positive coming out of London?). At the end of the day, should Scotland vote Yes, we will all have to live together on these British Isles and I feel desperately sorry for the English and Welsh people.

But I’ve got some good news. Listen.

An Independent Scotland can set a positive example to the rUK. By voting Yes, Scotland is breaking the mould.

The mould being the mouldy and corrupt British system that has seen society corroded by the actions of a self centred, selfish few. It actually doesn’t matter which direction on the political compass that a new Scotland decides to take herself, it’s the sheer fact that she chooses to do so that is important. That desire for change and the momentum that will carry Scottish society forward will cascade across the border into England.

One of England’s finest sons, that old imperialist himself, Winston Churchill, once talked of the “sunny uplands” that could be the fruits of a better future. Unfortunately, successive Westminster governments failed miserably to attain those sunny uplands. However we are now presented with a chance and we should grasp it.

Scottish Independence, ironically for modern day imperialists and conservative thinkers such as Hague and Murphy, can deliver those “sunny uplands” for the people of the British Isles. Where Murphy and his fellow Labour apologists for decades of Westminster Social Injustice, talk of Unionism as some sort of collective medicine to deliver social justice across the British Isles to people in Glasgow, Liverpool, Coventry and Swansea, I see shackles preventing change from taking place, just as Murphy, Hague and the Westminster Establishment intend it to do.

Ridding ourselves of the shackles of Unionism will be the first embryonic move that will deliver change to Scotland and, together with the inevitable cross border osmosis that will occur, that change will permeate English and Welsh society. For the good!

So you see, Scottish Independence, going our separate ways and doing different things in other ways, needn’t be seen as negative. In fact, it is highly positive. And it is this that the British Establishment fears the most because change does not suit their narrow, selfish motives.

And change, especially motivational change, has a habit of catching on and spreading.

Hence the Smear campaign against Scotland. We are winning the argument and they, the British Establishment, the Westminster career politicians, the press, the Corrupt Captains of UK plc are scared.

Smear is the child of Fear and it is the Project Fear campaign metamorphosing into Project Smear that illustrates this perfectly.


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