The Fear Merchants

A day never goes by when we don’t read or hear of a scare story being put forward by Project Fear. These Fear stories are portrayed as threats to Scottish prosperity, to Scotland’s society or Scotland’s security. No subject is safe from the scaremongering.

We have had the following;

  • Volatility of the oil in Scottish Waters.
  • Scotland not being able to use the Pound as a currency.
  • Mobile phone tariffs being expensive.
  • Pensions not being available.
  • Jobs not being available.
  • The Health Service not being available.

The list is as endless as it is nonsense.

You see the threats to Scotland are not any of the above. The threats to Scotland are embodied in the persons of a small number of high profile individuals. These people bear no goodwill towards Scotland and the Scottish people. Driven by petty interests, they would rather see Scotland not prosper either socially, democratically nor economically. Devoid of a social conscious they pursue their narrow minded agendas without a care for the greater good of Scotland’s people.

We now understand who these Fear Merchants are and regardless of the outcome of the vote in September, we should never forget the threat that these individuals represent now, and in the future, to Scotland. They are the real and ever present threat to Scotland, her democracy, her social cohesion, her economic health and the well being of the people who live here.

They have chosen not to debate, nor to put forward a positive case for the Union. Instead they peddle Fear Stories.

It is people who create and disseminate the Fear Stories. It is people who make the decisions to put them into the public domain and it is people, working together who ensure that these Fear Stories are published in newspapers or broadcast on radio and television.

It is people, fully conversant with the undemocratic processes that have served the British Establishment well for generations who, with full knowledge of the possible negative outcomes to our democratic institutions, strive to undermine and poison the debate.

They are Anti-Scottish in thought, tone and intent.

The Fear Merchants




What will these Fear Merchants have to say about the Sunday Herald declaring for Independence? Will we see a Scare Story built around this? Let us wait and see.





12 thoughts on “The Fear Merchants

  1. Iain McClafferty

    I just hope someone, somewhere is researching a book about the referendum. A good researcher or crusading journalist will have a field day writing up the anti-Scottish works of these people. Their blatant lies and briefings against their own country and its people will go down as a shameful episode in Scotland’s history. Even if the referendum is lost and these people are successful in denying us independence, their actions, speeches and underhand tactics will forever brand them as Scotland’s very own Quislings! Disgraceful!

  2. 1alanm

    One fear merchant is rather conspicuous by her absence here, as she is never shy of sticking her neb in with some ridiculous claim.
    Mags Curran the game is up!

    1. Turra Loon

      I hope Stair Heid does not come crawling back over the border and stick her nose into our Scottish Parliament. She is Not welcome.

  3. Robert Graham

    there seems to be a common pattern and labour scottish branch are at the very core of this deception .on the 19th of september i suggest a investigation is launched into the personal benefit these traitors have accumulated by peddling lies and half truths to the scottish nation none of this oh well it was all done in the heat of the campaign lets be friends now and work together ,these people are evil and in so wont change “bought and sold for english gold ” comes to mind and the enemy within pedaling sedition and openly plotting to undermine the best interests of our nation just a thought the french used the guillotine ha ha i just want their assets and maybe their reputation for starters

  4. rableather

    I heard a new one yesterday while canvassing an individual. Apparantly if we get independence AlixSamin is going to make Prince Charles King. The Canvassee then speculated about what was going to happen to the Queen. I did the usual denials, but she didnt believe me.

  5. maxstafford60093

    This shower really deserve a set of those Iraqi regime-style playing cards post Indy, so that no one forgets how they and their creed were happy to betray their own people to further their own interests. Their infamy should be writ large in our future history.
    I’m normally a very forgiving individual but I’m going to make a very special exception for this shower.

    1. Eddie

      Anger and hatreds can be very dangerous. Once you let yourself go down that route, you can turn into the same despicable people we want to get rid of. Independence has come this far because we have been positive. Being positive is why we are strong. We do not want to turn into what they are.

      1. maxstafford60093

        That’s true, Eddie and I understand where you are coming from. I’m not advocating acts of physical retribution against these people, but they need to understand the nature of their betrayal of the people. They bear the mark of Cain and they should never be allowed to forget it. We should see too it that in the new Scotland they are forbidden from ever holding a post at public expense again. Honesty and integrity alone should determine that since these individuals possess neither.

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