Stand up and be counted Labour politician

Now that the Sunday Herald has declared for Yes it is now time for Scottish Labour politicians to tell us, their constituents, what their voting intentions will be on 18th September.


There is no excuse for hiding or dodging the question.

Whether you are a Councillor, MSP or MP, now is the moment to declare your intention.

Quite simply you owe it to your personal beliefs, you owe it to the voters and you owe it to Scotland.

And we, the people of Scotland demand it.

Whether you are a Yes or a No, your decision will be respected.

What will not be respected, or accepted, is prevarication and sitting on the fence until 18th September.  The time for career driven decisions and delay is now past.

Stand up and be counted!


3 thoughts on “Stand up and be counted Labour politician

  1. Iain Taylor

    They won’t. Sadly, many Labour politicians are principle-free. It’s their career and they will do the needful to stay in post. They will hark back to the past and cite Keir Hardie et alia, but they don’t really get it. I know nothing about people like Pamela Nash, Thomas Docherty, Gemma Doyle or Lindsay Roy except that they represent some of the poorest constituencies in the country, but still saw fit to vote in support of Ian Duncan-Smith’s cap on benefits spending. They don’t even have the gumption to be ashamed.


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