Would you trust Douglas Alexander?

So the Shadow foreign secretary at Westminster, Douglas Alexander calls on SNP supporters to help create a new cross-party consensus after a No vote. This is intended to heal the political and social division caused by the referendum.


Douglas says, ….” I believe that the choice to stay together will create an opportunity for politicians to lay the ground for a way of doing politics differently.

Does this look familiar?

Isn’t this the sort of thing that Tony Blair uttered way back in 1997? I seem to recall the phrase “Consensus Politics” being thrown around by New Labour. I believed at the time that there was a possibility that the Labour Party were sincere. How wrong was I. We all know how that Government turned out. Illegal wars, bad economic decisions, corruption, adjusting Scotland’s maritime boundary etc.

He continues, apparently without a hint of irony, “….but the tasks of bringing together a divided nation will be real, urgent and important.”

Does Douglas Alexander not look in the mirror every morning and see the reason for the divisions looking back at him?

Personally, I wouldn’t trust Labour to do anything for the good of Scotland. If Douglas Alexander is truly representing Labour Party opinion then he has started this latest gesture badly. Until we hear the entire speech we may have to withhold judgement, but where I note no mention of the Green Party, Labour for Independence, Scottish Socialists, I smell a rat and a cynical attempt to split what Labour sees as it’s opposition in Scotland.

There is of course the question of Trust.

I wouldn’t trust Alexander, simply because he is London’s man. He is British Establishment to the core and he will turn up at any meeting with a brief dictated by London. He doesn’t represent his constituents aspirations now and he won’t in the future. It’s in his nature to be dishonest and to put his own narrow tribal, selfish interest first. Bedroom Tax vote Douglas, or is that now conveniently forgotten?

Then there are caveats for any future talks. Will Alexander condemn his colleague Ian Davidson for his comments about “bayonetting the wounded”? I think that’s important, in fact Alexander should condemn Davidson right now. That would send out a positive message that he truly was sincere in his desire for good relations with his current political opponents.

There is also the small matter of substance. Let us see some real policies from Alexander. In the event of a No vote what exactly is Alexander’s proposals for a Future Socially Just Scotland?

That’s my starting point.

A Socially Just Scotland.

Will Alexander and Labour commit to that with real policies tailored for Scotland?

I doubt it.

Westminster careerists from Scotland don’t do real and sincere.

But I’ll bet they’ll do something that benefits London.

Trident replacement on the Clyde for evermore anyone?

Scottish resources milked dry for London anyone?

Barnett formula cut to the bone for London anyone?

A peerage for Douglas Alexander anyone?

London rewards her sons and daughters and Wee Duggies jumping the queue for a gong.





5 thoughts on “Would you trust Douglas Alexander?

  1. Tris

    Ha ha ha … what a silly question.

    No. He’s lying.

    If tyhey get a no vote they will stuff Scotland. iain Davidson has already made that public.

    Take back powers and reduce the cash.

    Let proper British people run the country.

    Dougie is a wee snake in the grass. If he”d do the dirty on his sister he’d sure as hell do it to us.

    Greasy little git.

  2. daibhidhdeux

    This appeal from a fifth columnist and splittist even within his own party: One of the Blairite gang who betrayed what remained of the socialist/social democratic roots of the Labour Party.

    Trust him?

    Like I would the Devil himself not even with a very long spoon.


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