A plague on all your houses

It didn’t take long for the unelected House of Lords to start throwing its weight (or ermine) about regarding the possibility of Scottish Independence. I guess when you are paid £300 a day just for parking your backside on a bench, then you have to be seen to be doing something.


Those noble Lords and Ladies have put their incredibly undemocratic intellect together to propose the following;

That the proposed date of Scottish independence should be delayed if it is not in the best interests of the rest of the UK.

The Scottish government has proposed 24 March 2016 as a date for Scotland’s independence day, which is not an unrealistic target for a small nation wanting to take it’s rightful place in the world. A little bit of arithmetic then gives us the figure of about 18 months for negotiations to be concluded if there is a “Yes” vote in the referendum on 18 September.

Labour peer Baroness Jay of Paddington (no relation to the bear in the duffle jacket) who chairs the constitution committee, urged the UK government to “put the rest of the UK’s interest first” in the event of independence negotiations.

At this point should I be expecting Scottish peers (of which there are many) to be standing up for Scotland’s interests? No, probably not.

Baroness Jay went on to say;

“The prime minister should feel under no obligation to conclude negotiations by March 2016.

“The Scottish government’s proposed timetable has no legal or constitutional standing.”

I could go on quoting some of the content but I won’t, as quite frankly, it is beneath me to write more than the bare minimum about this medieval group of self important buffoons.

For those interested, the full details can be found on the House of Lords web site

In summary, an unelected, overly expensive retirement club, masquerading as a legislative body, unaccountable to the electorate, is attempting to tell Scotland and the Scottish people what to do. This body, the House of Lords, is circumventing a wholly democratic process and acting outside of the democratic norm. It is as obscene as it is completely wrong.

I would remind people that the following politicians are supportive of this undemocratic process;
willie renniejlamont


There are, of course, many other Scottish politicians who are completely supportive of this travesty of the democratic process in a so called democracy. Unsurprisingly they are all Unionists and members of either the Labour, LibDems or Tory parties.

All are anti Scottish, in my opinion.

So what words shall I share that express my deepest contempt for the House of Lords and those Scots who stand firmly behind it? Those same Scots who have visibly failed to step forward and stand up for Scotland when it is threatened by the anachronism which is the House of Lords.

I have none, I won’t waste words on them. No words can accurately convey my disgust.

So when words fail, then perhaps this will convey my thoughts for these people and their kind;




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