Vote No Borders; the child of Goebbels

The Vote No Borders campaign is showing short adverts in Scottish cinemas.

The content is blatant lies. It’s so eye wateringly false that you have to admire the sheer brass neck of doing it. But that sums up the No campaign, it is built on a foundation of sheer, unadulterated lies.

We all now know that Vote No Borders is essentially a Tory funded campaign, well thought through and pre planned. It is, naturally enough, supported by the Tory foot soldiers of the Scottish Labour Party, who, no doubt, are lapping it all up.

This is dangerous, provocative material. It now requires to be looked at in the light of the performance of UKIP in England. Vote No Borders cannot be treated with kid gloves, it’s very potentially polluting the minds of Scots who are innocently attending cinemas, mums and dads, with kids, who are subjected to State sponsored propaganda of the worst kind. This is an attempt at brainwashing a people with Right Wing political nonsense, sponsored by a Right Wing political Establishment, with a Right wing agenda, which is being pushed further to the Right by UKIP.

So lets take the gloves off and attack this blatant attempt at Brainwashing.

Who are the actors involved? They should come forward and justify their support for this.

In my own opinion, these people, if they are Scottish residents, should be absolutely denied and excluded from the Arts in a future Scotland. They have supped with the Devil and knowingly stepped in front of the cameras to tell lies to their fellow Scots. That is unacceptable.


This is as bad as anything that Goebbels in Nazi Germany oversaw, where control of the arts and media  was subject to supervision by the Propaganda Ministry. There are shades of Goebbels in the activities of Vote No Borders, where a process of self-censorship is clearly in evidence. Goebbels’ Propaganda effectively encouraged self-censorship to operate in all fields of arts and culture, leaving the Ministry in Berlin free to concentrate on the most politically sensitive areas such as insuring that both major newspapers, and the new far-reaching, instantaneous state radio presented the unified Nazi worldview. Does this look familiar events in present day Scotland? It chillingly does to me!

What do those participating in this lies then think about this? The actor, the voice over? Perhaps they are completely comfortable with their part in a Propaganda exercise. But I can put forward my thoughts on them and they are more than welcome to challenge my view. I repeat that they should be excluded from the arts in a future Scotland, corridors for career opportunities should be closed to them, they should be ostracised.

They are a disgrace to Scotland and her people! There is no place for Propaganda in the Independence campaign and no place for those who participate in disseminating this Nazi inspired Propaganda to the Scottish populace.


6 thoughts on “Vote No Borders; the child of Goebbels

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  2. Robert Graham

    the labour people who are helping the tories don’t realise they are being used if they had the sense they would see this sort of behaviour can and will be used against them if they fall out of favour this use of the media can and will be used on anyone who does not conform to the required instructions of the people who stay just out of sight in the shadows pulling the strings i just hope they waken up and not deprive honest people of their say in September

  3. Iain

    The Labour people working as the Tories’ foot soldiers know perfectly well what they are doing, and this has led some of them have moved away from No to Yes. The others remaining in Better Together – No Thanks have no problem working with the Tories. Why would they? They are campaigning for the state to which they hold allegiance, and that is the UK.


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