European Election, My thoughts for what its worth

Well worth a read and I have to agree with the sentiment that UKIP are not racist. They do have some idiots but I consider them a repository for anger with the established party system. Westminster politics has failed the electorate. In Scotland there is also, I believe, a core belief that is concerned with immigration, together with dissatisfaction with the Byzantine workings of the EU. 10% support for UKIP is broadly what I would expect. I’m neither surprised nor that disappointed. What do you expect when people are just people. Hopefully it will focus a few minds among the thinking Unionists.

Grumpy Scottish Man

I stayed up late last night to watch the results coming in, probably too late as a bit tired this morning but hey, I am interested in politics. Anyway, here is my take on what happened for what its worth. Please feel free to disagree, agree, not care and comment.

SNP Pretty much stayed the same as the previous euro elections. The party pulled around 28.9% of the vote and that will rise slightly with one result still to come in. No doubt the unionist parties will say the YES bandwagon has been stopped but that will be too simple an analysis to be honest. Scots tend to vote tactically a lot of the time in these type of elections so to stand still after seven years in government in Scotland can only be seen to be not bad overall. It is not a reflection on September but will be…

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