When I first posted my little flashing GIF (hopefully it works when you view it), I purposely did not add a commentary. I thought that words wouldn’t add much more and that the visual message would suffice. Now I think I’ll add something.

I just posted to Derek Bateman tonight regarding the new BBC Scotland replacement for Newsnight. I won’t watch it. But that’s not what I came back to the laptop to say. In my post I mentioned that the Left in Scotland had sent people to fight against Fascism in Spain, against Franco and then compared that to modern Scottish Labour. I thought I would expand on that theme. Just a few paragraphs, while I sip a G&T before bedtime.

I’ll be as brief as I can.

Can you believe that within a human lifetime, people from Scotland volunteered to fight in the Spanish Civil War? They were from the Left and wished to tackle the scourge of Fascism. Those men (and women?) recognised that Fascism was a threat and willingly decided to journey to Spain for what they believed was a just cause.

Imagine they were still around, those guys who joined the International Brigades. What would they think of UKIP? They would be appalled. But what would they think of the contributions made by Anas Sarwar, Johann Lamont and sundry other politicians who represent the Scottish Labour Party? Not only are the Labour politicians openly sneering and it would appear, rejoicing, at the election of a UKIP MEP to “represent” Scotland in Brussels, but so are journalists within the press. Did I mention that these journalists support Labour and the Union?

This is the bit where I use swear words…….

What the fuck has happened to the Scottish Left?

Yes, I know that it resides within the SNP, the Greens and the SSP, but I mean “what has happened to the Scottish Labour Party?”

I don’t like the Tories, but I’m not celebrating the win of UKIP in England!

But Scottish Labour find it within themselves to smear the SNP because UKIP managed to gain an MEP. What the fuck is that all about? Anas Sarwar and Johann Lamont tweet their smug congratulation about Unionist Parties gaining more ground than the SNP and they think that is acceptable?

The way things are going, we’ll be seeing Spanish volunteers coming to Scotland to fight the Fascist Unionist Front! History will have reversed itself.

This situation is insane.

It is at this point in the debate that I truly wish that I could sit down with Johann Lamont, look her in the eye and try to see into her soul. What would I see, looking into those eyes?

Anger, most certainly.

Determination, absolutely.

Ruthlessness, especially.

But would I see some light within her darkness. Where is the compassion, the sense of desire to do good on behalf of the down trodden? Would that be evident, perhaps even a chink within that dark soul?

And dark it evidently must be. There is clearly a trait within the modern day Labour party that attracts and nurtures those of a rather sinister disposition. It must be a must have on the CV to be able to succeed within the Scottish branch of Labour.

But I’m off on a tangent as usual. I didn’t pick up the trusty laptop to start having a go at Scottish Labour. There are plenty of others who can do that in a more literate way than I can. I’m an amateur when it comes to stringing words together.

I came on here to pay tribute to the Scottish Left of the 1st third of the 20th Century. They may have been forgotten by those who shouldn’t forget but in these dark days of the 21st century, I’m going to raise my glass to them and swear on everything that is right and proper in this world that I haven’t forgotten their example. Their memory has been let down my Scottish apologists for the Crypto-Fascists of UKIP, but there are within Scotland, those who are sickened by this turn of events and who will strive for the only outcome, the only avenue left open to right minded Scots of all political shades. That way is to work hard for a Yes vote on 18th September 2014.

SláinteSalut i Força, ¡Chinchín! 



One thought on “Choose a Future for Scotland

  1. Helena Brown

    Well said, I think they would be appalled but we have a chance in September to right this wrong along with all the rest, as PaBroon said keep the heid and keep on fighting.
    As for Ms Lamont, all you have is ambition in the body of a stupid woman. A wee bit like the ambition in the body of a so very clever man in Gordon Broon. Scotland needs a new Labour Party this one is not fit for purpose.


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