Jim Murphy is an Ostrich

Jim Murphy annoys me. He is obviously an intelligent man. Cynics needn’t crow. You don’t get to be a UK minister without a few grey cells, well maybe…….

The trouble with Jim is that he’s not using those grey cells for the right reasons. He could apply them to sorting society’s ills, but Jim won’t do that because Jim is only out for himself.
Somewhat naively I used to think that he was perhaps a man for turning, but he has an unerring ability in proving me wrong. So I’ve given up on Jim Murphy. He is, without doubt, a thoroughly careerist Unionist, loyal to the core. A mercenary politician of the worst kind.

I have no gripes with whether he’s right wing or left wing (in fact he’s very right wing, which I’ll briefly explore further down), if he was sincere. Jim Murphy wouldn’t know sincere if it jumped up and bit him on the nose.

His latest foray  (and here) into the debate betrays his lack of insight and his penchant for telling huge fibs to the electorate.

Jim infers that he is on the Left, which is a fib of gargantuan proportions; Jim is a True Blue Tory to his bones. There’s nothing wrong with that if you genuinely hold to a conviction, but don’t tell porkies to the electorate and don’t hide within the Labour party. Be honest and come out. Jim is a Tory.

Within Jim’s piece he shows an enormous lack of judgement which actually shows his lack of insight. Jim states  “The fundamental reason UKIP are wrong is that they pretend that the solutions to our problems are to point the finger at people who live, pray or look differently from others. Their basic argument is that throwing stones at our neighbours is better than working together.”

Jim misidentifies the intended recipients of the finger pointing because he is one of those that UKIP are singling out for criticism. You see Jim, it’s the Westminster system that has failed everyone and you share the responsibility for letting UKIP gain ground. Mr Farage has repeatedly stated that Westminster is his intended target, so for Jim to identify others is hopelessly wrong.

Jim Murphy and his fellow careerists will not accept that they are in the wrong and in time honoured fashion he blames someone else and points the finger at the SNP. Jim’s in the blame game because he sees his position and career under threat. He’s the Establishment through and through.

To be a success within the British Establishment you require the status quo to remain rock solid. No change required, desired, business as usual and all aboard the Gravy Train.

Jim, like all the Westminster cabal, will reap the whirlwind of a massive public rejection of all he holds dear. That’s what happens when you refuse to use those grey cells for the common good, misuse the political system for your own narrow agenda and stick your head in the sand.





3 thoughts on “Jim Murphy is an Ostrich

  1. Iain

    He reminds me of the type of person who thrived in pre-1990 eastern Europe and continues to thrive in the new order. Sincerity Jim will always do well, at least in terms of status and finance and personal advancement. Sadly, his type have found a happynhome in the Labour Party, and there are so many of them there’s not enough room here to list them.

  2. Helena Brown

    Seems there are a good number of Tories in today’s Labour Party, or perhaps they are just out to destroy it, cannot work it out myself. You would think that given the chance of running a country according to your political viewpoint or becoming what you are supposed to despise you would take the former, no, not Labour.


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