Forget Obama; let’s talk Child Poverty levels

So we have had President Obama and Carl Bildt, the Swedish foreign minister, expressing concerns about Scottish Independence. We needn’t be that concerned. The whole charade was staged. That’s how international diplomacy works; you call in favours, make deals and scratch backs as and when required.

It was intended as a distraction. Better Together are struggling and they needed a breathing space to regroup and refocus.

There are, of course, many, many matters that Better Together would rather the Scottish people forget about, one of which is Child Poverty levels in Scotland. An unacceptable level of 1 in 5 children in Scotland live in Poverty and Scottish Labour created and perpetuates the problem.


Save the Children has also identified Scotland as having a problem with Child Poverty.

The Guardian ran a story on this in 2012, with an interactive map.

Surprise, surprise; the constituencies in Scotland where there are the greatest rates of child poverty are all Labour.

Margaret Curran, Willie Bain, Anas Sarwar, Ian Davidson, Tom Harris and Jim McGovern all benefit from Child Poverty levels. In fact, it is no exaggeration to state that these politicians owe their careers to artificially manipulated poverty and deprivation in their constituencies. A quite perverse situation.

When viewed from the perspective of the Scottish Independence debate this can all be represented in a straight forward equation.

Scottish Child Poverty = Labour MP = Better Together

So when Obama or anyone else is wheeled onto the stage by David Cameron to talk about the Scottish Independence debate, please remember that it is a smoke screen disguising a rather murky truth that the Tory Party/Better Together/Labour Party would rather hide away.

We should expect more of this as the Referendum Campaign goes up through the gears and 18th September gets closer.

The Tory funded Better Together camp, fronted by Alistair Darling, Johann Lamont, John Reid, Gordon Brown and various other Labour Unionist die-hards actively work hard to ensure Scottish child poverty levels are kept artificially high. In Scottish Labour’s twisted, cruel view of the world, poverty creates a dependency culture which they believe ensures a Labour politician will be returned in elections to represent the particular constituency. Equally they will call in favours from the likes of Obama and Bildt, through their boss David Cameron, to make vocal diversions designed to mask the real issues.

Remember that while we may expand energy on anger and justifiably feel frustrated at the interference from people, who we feel should not be involved in our referendum, behind the scenes Johann Lamont, Darling and Sarwar are probably giggling up their sleeves.

Lamont, Darling, Sarwar and co desperately want Scottish Child Poverty levels to remain high, they just don’t want us to be focussed on the subject and they certainly don’t want us to be raising the issue as a part of the referendum.

Here’s another simple equation;

Yes = Independence = an end to Child Poverty = a Labour Party nightmare.

Ignore Obama and Bildt and keep working on the winning the prize!



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