I care a lot!

I care a lot about Trident. It is a murderous weapon of mass destruction built with the sole aim to deliberately and in cold blood kill millions of innocent people.

I care a lot about the Bedroom Tax. It was created to target vulnerable people, to deprive people of living space and as a consequence it hits the poor and the disadvantaged especially hard.

I care a lot about Broadcasting. I live in a country where the national broadcaster, the BBC, funded by ordinary viewers and listeners seeks to influence a democratic debate by taking sides in that debate. Journalistic balance is compromised and the whole shoddy enterprise is paid for by the viewers. This is happening in a so called democracy.

I care a lot about Child Poverty levels in Scotland. It is a fact that 1 in 5 children in Scotland are brought up in poverty. A shocking statistic. it is an incontestable fact  that Child Poverty is at it’s highest levels in Labour controlled areas.

I care a lot about the NHS. Thank goodness it is a separate entity within Scotland or we would witness the creeping privatisation of this service as we see happening in England.

I care a lot about wars. The UK Government is fond of wars and thinks nothing of treading roughshod over the truth and democracy to fight wars.

I care a lot about education. The Scottish Government has made access to education a cornerstone of Scottish society. Scottish children are not burdened with debt and the standard of education is high.

I care a lot about the older people within society. Care for the elderly is another keystone of Scottish society, another achievement of the Scottish Government.

I care a lot about a healthy Democratic system, where representatives are voted to a chamber by the electorate, NOT appointed by government, given access to large amounts of expenses and given titles that belong in the middle ages and not in the 21st century.

I care a lot about Social Justice. The state should provide a safety net for those in society who are not able to help themselves, whether it is because of a lack access to jobs, or housing. The needy should have access to benefits to give a helping hand when needed. The state should give, not take away. The state should fix, not create additional problems.

I care a lot about Freedom of Speech. Where the mainstream media is set against your democratic wishes, where journalistic professionalism is ignored, where bias is tolerated and all this made to work against a part of the population whose only wish is to have their voice heard. The ability to express displeasure at these circumstances and to challenge the accepted Establishment view is vitally important through the use of new social media. Denied a voice through the usual channels I will be heard and I will not be called, Evil, Malicious, or Nasty in an effort to stop my democratic freedoms.

I care a lot about corruption in local government. Scottish society is poisoned and undermined by the activities of Labour politicians in local government. This corruption is conveniently overlooked by broadcasters, the media and Labour Party apologists.

I care a lot about Scotland.

I DO NOT CARE about JK Rowling, who, through her support for Better Together and the Labour Party, shows that she DOES NOT CARE about the subjects that I CARE ABOUT.


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