Keep the Heid!

As expected the BritNat nasty’s have started to deploy the whole collection of dirty tricks. The British Establishment has form in this area, after all we are talking about an imperial legacy of taking over other people’s countries, exploiting these territories and then being mightily reluctant to give them up or back.

By it’s very nature Scottish society has the potential to make the job easier for these desperate Unionists.

But first let’s briefly examine what is at stake from the perspective of the Unionists.

Like any organisation, the Unionist entity has a pyramidal structure, with the top being occupied by the professional elite, i.e. the MPs, the MSPs, the Special Advisors and assorted employees and hanger–ons. These people make a living from the Union; it’s a meal ticket, it pays the mortgage, puts food on the table and fulfils career ambitions.

Your average Unionist MP will have a very healthy income, subsidised accommodation, foreign travel opportunities and gilt edged career pathways. He or she can go all the way to the top with the power and privileges that this can bring.

We should never under estimate the sheer unadulterated power of individual greed and personal ambition that drives the Unionist agenda. It’s a top down effort, with those at the top of the pyramidal structure delegating down through the ranks to activist level. Unfortunately it’s not a reciprocal return on investment for those involved in the Unionist party machine. It’s only those at the top who will feast on the spoils and reap the benefits. It demonstrates the utter ruthlessness of the Unionist elite. The foot soldiers are cannon fodder for the generals. The foot soldiers are blind to the way that they are being lied to and manipulated. It’s a very sad reality.

For the Unionist Elite; the Murphy’s, the Alexander’s, the Scott’s, The Carmichaels, the Lamonts and Darlings, the Union must be saved or it’s career extinction. The poor, the vulnerable, democracy, the truth, it can all go hang.

When the stakes are so high then the rule book is torn up and anything now goes, which is why we have witnessed recent events such as Pottergate, Lallygate and assorted Cybernatgates being spewed out by the Unionist machine. To be honest most of these faux outrage plots have been pretty innocuous, mere paper tigers when examined in the cold light of day and each looked at in isolation.

However it’s the modus operandi or more specifically the chink in the Yes armour that is of concern. We should be cautious and wholly cognisant to what the game plan actually is.

Scotland is a tribal society. We are a nation of colours.

There are tribal political loyalties; Labour, LibDem, SNP, Tory, Green etc.

We are all familiar with football tribal attitudes, so I don’t need to go into any detail on them.

There are regional tribal divisions; historically they have been described as Lowlands and Highlands, but this is no longer accurate. We have a Central Belt, the Borders, the East centred on Aberdeen, the islands, Western and Northern. Even within this it can be broken down into City or town loyalties.

We have income tribes, those with and those with less, indeed we have those with nothing at all.

It has always been thus in Scotland. We might not acknowledge that it exists but it certainly does. It influences where you go for a pint, where you shop, the kind of clothes you wear or may choose not to wear. It can be recognised in the dog you call your best friend; is it a Staffie or a trendy Labradoodle?

And therein lays the potential problem, because if you are a Post Imperial Elite fighting for your very existence then you’re going to fall back on the old tried and proven methods of Empire.

Divide and conquer can and will prevail if we allow it.

So what exactly is the game plan that underpins Pottergate and Lallygate?

Dipping into academic sources reveals the plan.

In politics and sociology, divide and rule (or divide and conquer) is gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy. The concept refers to a strategy that breaks up existing power structures and prevents smaller power groups from linking up.

Machiavelli identified a similar application to military strategy, advising that that a Captain should endeavor with every art to divide the forces of the enemy, either by making the enemy suspicious of his men in whom he trusted, or by giving him cause that he has to separate his forces, and, because of this, become weaker.

In other words, standard British Establishment technique.

Better Together or No Thanks or whatever they, the Tory led Establishment, are calling themselves this week, are attempting to drive a wedge between the Yes campaign and the people of Scotland. It’s dirty, it’s probably unfair but it’s happening. Forget the anger and the outrage; out play them at their game.

The great weakness with applying a Machiavellian Divide and Rule strategy is that once you have revealed your Strategy, then it can be countered. It’s actually a sign of grave weakness because it betrays a campaign that is built on quicksand.

All we have to do is follow a few simple rules.

We keep calm.

We keep being clever.

We remain focussed.

Most importantly we keep our humour. Let us laugh at this, because if we step back and look at Better Together objectively we can see that they are extremely weak. It’s all talk and no trousers.

And they are very, very scared.

So whatever is lying in wait next, to jump up with fabricated outrage, to attempt an ambush on the Yes campaign, just laugh it back under the rock where it came from.

There are bigger fish to fry.

We have a country, a nation, a people, a society, a way of life to win back and no amount of dirty tricks is going to divert us from the prize.

As my Father used to tell me; Keep the Heid!


5 thoughts on “Keep the Heid!

  1. Helena Brown

    We should certainly keep the heid but we should not let them do us down. I think the majority of Scots have made up their minds in the usual way, quietly, determinedly and I doubt all this fuss about cybernattery will make one iota of a difference. The No side are losing, they know they are, they are trying everything to dissuade people of it, but I think they have been worried since the Referendum of 1997 when they thought they had persuaded us not to vote for Devolution and that failed, I think they have a massive fail on their hands now, regardless of how much the frig the figures in the polls.

  2. FergusMac

    Excellent point, and well put. Apart from their tried and tested use of divide and conquer, the British are unrivalled in disinformation and deception. This is no wild and far-fetched allegation, nor an insult. They are justifiably proud of the success of their deception schemes during World War II.

    To give just some examples:

    The “Man who never was” scheme (Operation Mincemeat) to cover the invasion of Sicily

    The Double Cross Committee, which “turned” every German agent in Britain, and was used, for example, to convince the Germans that V1 flying bombs and V2 rockets which actually hit London had overshot, so that they shortened the range, and many of the later V weapons landed in Kent hop fields

    Keeping mountain troops in Scotland to make Hitler believe that an invasion of Norway was planned, threatening German access to Swedish iron ore. The Germans maintained a garrison of 300,000 troops there throughout the war, forces that were surely missed in the defence of the Reich

    The range of D-Day deceptions, including inventing a fictitious US army under General Patton in South East England, so that the Germans thought the Normandy landings were a feint intended to draw of their forces in Pas de Calais, where the real landing would be. The forces withheld from the actual invasion area to oppose a landing in Northern France would have made it considerably more difficult and costly for the US-British-Canadian armies in Normandy to consolidate their foothold in France

    I could go on, but you get the idea. Never underrate your opponent. The British state can be truly formidable.

    1. daibhidhdeux

      Smoke and mirrors, snake oil salesmen, agents provocateurs, thugees, and assorted high jinx deployed as their elite pseudo-British ( the British suffix a Prittanic/Brittonic Latinised term) “Great Game” has unfolded and has begun to unravel to the point of beyond threadbare and bordering on massive default on their international loans (again) and their consignment to the mortuary of history (reviled globally in whatever Last Rights proferred over their collective corpse by the global kirk).

      The vestiges of a dying twitch their antics farting as they gag out their last breath.

      Pax vobiscum be upon them in their passing.

      No loss to world peace and progress.

  3. Robert Graham

    “Show Us The Proof “of this industrial scale abuse and where its coming from ! now the NO not ever campaign would not stoop to start using methods like this would they ? I mean who would gain from putting out the story of innocent folk minding their own business being attacked by these so called cybernats ( a term made up by the no not ever lot to introduce a note of terror to the debate ) its ment to try and silence ordinary people with a view voicing their thoughts on what might be the only way open to them because MSM are closed to opinions other than support for a NO vote just a thought

    1. givinggoose Post author

      I agree with you. This is an attempt to close down debate by silencing part of the electorate. What is disturbing is that Unionist politicians are completely at ease with this tactic. It’s a threat to the democratic process but threats to free speech are quite apparently “allowed” in the strange twisted reality of Better Together. It’s actually dangerous and sinister.


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