Popes and Padanias

Remember the Pope’s comments on Scotland the other day? I read them and actually didn’t think much of them. The British press, true to form, spun them and launched them against the Yes campaign. No surprise there. I basically yawned, stretched and went back to my book.

Yet there was something that stuck in mind.

Where on earth is Padania? The place was mentioned along with Scotland and Catalonia.

Now I pride myself on pub quiz questions and being able to answer them, but I couldn’t think where Padania was. So after a quick Google I now know it’s in Northern Italy and, this is where it becomes interesting; there exists a political grouping, the Lega Nord, demanding more autonomy, or even independence from Italy, for Padania.

padania padania

Now isn’t that a coincidence.

Because I haven’t seen any comment on the Pope’s mention of Padania I going to assume that this subject has been overlooked or ignored by the media. Strange that.

The Pope is an important World figure, in fact they don’t come much bigger, so why aren’t the media leaping on his comments about the possibility of Northern Italy becoming Independent from Southern Italy? I would have thought that this was news worthy stuff, after all Italy is not exactly an obscure European Nation, it’s pretty important in European and Global terms.

I smell a rat, or more specifically, I don’t smell a rat because everyone in the media would appear to have forgotten to bring some enlightenment on the subject of Padania to the ignorant masses, i.e. us, the paper buying, TV watching public inScotland.

So why on earth would Padania and the Pope be considered as not worthy of a few paragraphs in the Record, or on BBC Scotland? Could it be that the similarities with the Scottish Independence debate are just a tad to similar?

A well off Northern entity is sick of subsidising a less well off Southern entity. A Northern people are somewhat disillusioned with what they see as a tired political system that doesn’t service their needs.  Parallels? The Pope hints that he thinks so.

Tell us as it is Mr Media or alternatively sweep it under the carpet and hope that we won’t notice the deliberate omission.

Ooopps, I think I just did!


One thought on “Popes and Padanias

  1. Helena Brown

    Don’t know about anyone else, I am bored witless of all the people who are being asked to give an opinion on Scottish Independence, some who could not find it on a map and only after being shown a map. I am not surprise that the Papa did not mention give further mention to the Northern League and their wish to remove themselves from the State called Italy, up until the 19th Century and late at that, there was no State called Italy.


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