My Future Scotland

Where there is Poverty, we will work for Prosperity

Where there is now Despair, we will build Confidence

The Lies of today will be the Truth of tomorrow

Despair will turn to Hope

Where we find Depression, we will strive for Joy

Where there is now Dependence, tomorrow there will be Liberty

Where today there is Subservience, in the future we will Challenge

Where there is now Neglect, we will begin to Care

The Greed of the powerful few shall be replaced with the Generosity of the many

Instead of Aggression we will adopt Anti-imperialism

Where we find Unprincipled behaviour, we will replace this with Ethical motives

Where we now experience Hate, we will find Tolerance

Inequality will be solved by building a sense of Community

Instead of Darkness, we will have Illumination

Ignorance will then be Knowledge

Today’s Weariness will be tomorrow’s Vitality

The Corruption of the elite will be Virtue of the people

Where there is now Darkness, Scotland will be a Beacon

Saor Alba


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