When Smart isn’t so smart

Ian Smart tweeted at the opening ceremony of the Common Wealth Games the following;

“So did Eck’s people insist that the Malaysian reference was put in to stop him being booed. Check it out Scottish media.”

ian smart

The comment was aimed at Alex Salmond, who in his capacity as First Minister of Scotland, had mentioned the Malaysian Airlines disaster during his speech to the Commonwealth. The First Minister also asked for a moments silence in respect of those who had died when flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine. The Queen and numerous other dignitaries were also members of the audience.

Ian Smart is a prominent supporter of Better Together and is often called upon by the BBC and others to comment on political matters.

When he isn’t Tweeting, Ian Smart is a lawyer.

His Twitter page presents him as; Lefty lawyer; Scottish Labour Party hack; St Mirren till I die.


I’m a bit of a lefty and I wouldn’t dream of insulting the memory of the people who tragically died on the Malaysian Airlines plane.

I’m a bit of a lefty and I wouldn’t bring  insult the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

I’m a bit of a lefty and I wouldn’t insult the Queen at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games by Tweeting a thoroughly nasty Tweet.

I’m a lefty……..but I’m not a member of the Labour Party, not connected to the Labour Party in any way and that is why I wouldn’t engage in the sickening, deeply troubling and sheer nasty behaviour exhibited by Ian Smart.

What is blindingly obvious and quite astounding is the way that the mask of decency has slipped from the public face of the Labour Party in Scotland. It is actually quite sad and very disappointing.

The sentiment displayed by Ian Smart will be shared by other Labour Party officials and prominent supporters; it is the Bitterness of a Party in decline and which has become corrupt to the core. Ian Smart and his peers (little “p” and big “P”) thankfully do not represent the whole of the Labour movement, thank goodness, but they are evidence of the unpleasantness that runs like a cancer through the Labour Party.

It took a referendum to witness this unwholesome trait come to the surface and expose itself for all to see.

Hurrah! for the referendum then. Even in the event of a No vote the Truth has been aired, witnessed and the unpalatable nature of Unionism exposed.

All good people have been shocked and saddened by the Malaysian airlines disaster; so many innocent lives snuffed out in an instant. In a world where casual violence and sudden death can be visited upon ordinary, innocent people, where tragedy can bring unbelievable sadness to families, it is a comfort that political leaders can put aside, just for a moment, the daily cut and thrust of political battle and say the words that need to be said.

As I said, it is a comfort to us all and oh so very welcome to hear.

Unless, of course, you are a prominent supporter of Better Together, who cannot even find the compassion, the humanity, the decency, to join the Commonwealth and share the grief and offer the love to those who need it most.

Ian Smart, you are a disgrace to Scotland, to the UK, to your profession and an embarrassment to all right thinking people.


5 thoughts on “When Smart isn’t so smart

  1. Tris

    How can he be a lefty and in the Labour party?

    He’s either one or the other.

    His tweet was tasteless, whether or not he was in the company of a rich old woman who is also not a lefty.

    But he’s not a very tasteful man. He’s crass and unlovely, so never expect much from him and you will invariably not be surprised.

    If ever someone got an inappropriate name, it must surely be him.

    Smart by name; dick by nature.

    1. givinggoose Post author

      Couldn’t agree more. The Labour Party is Right Wing Authoritarian and if it were honest with itself, Labour would admit that it’s policy decisions are being made by the Conservative Party. Labour’s strings are pulled by the Torys and by public opinion, as made and dictated by the Daily Mail. Regarding the Queen; agree or not with the Monarchy, she is the Head of the Commonwealth and, along with the whole ceremony and other attendees and athletes, deserved respect as participants in a grand sporting occasion. Mr Smart obviously thinks not.

  2. hektorsmum

    I certainly do not want to interrupt the Bitter Together gang whilst they are making mistakes but as the Queen would say, one would think that instead of carrying on a war on the SNP they should look at themselves and discover why they are unelectable. If the SNP were as bad as they say shouldn’t the people have noticed.
    I have very little time for those in the legal profession and until we rid ourselves of the old boy network it supports we will have the likes of Ian No very Smart.


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