A Tory Bully Boy who wants to put Scotland down!

Following the debate between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling, the rumination and digestion of the details goes on.

Better Together (actually let’s not call them Better Together. I think it’s more accurate to call them the Anti-Scottish League, because that is what they are) are making a big deal about the Currency issue.

The Anti-Scottish newspapers are writing about it.

The Anti-Scottish politicians are bleating on about it.

The Anti-Scottish radio anchors are broadcasting about it.

The Anti-Scottish TV presenters are reading from their auto-cues about it.

Darling tried to entrap Salmond by repeating the position of the Anti-Scottish League, that there will be no currency union.

Salmond didn’t respond to the bait and stated that the position of the Anti-Scottish League was a negotiating ploy. In others words the Anti-Scottish League are lying.

Quelle Surprise!

A commentator elsewhere suggested that Salmond should have responded to the currency Plan B question like this: “Of course I have a Plan B in my drawer. And a Plan C. And a Plan D. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t. However, if I revealed my alternative plans, I would effectively reveal my negotiation strategy, and that would inevitably lead to a worse deal for Scotland. I want the best deal for Scotland, so I can’t do that. Do you not want Scotland to get the best possible deal, Alastair?”

Fair enough and not a bad idea!

But I think we are missing a small point in all this discussion about who should have said what and the relevance of this particular issue to winning votes from the Undecideds.

It is this;

Live on a televised debate, Darling, acting on behalf and with the full support of his Boss, Davis Cameron, the Tory Prime Minister, threatened the people of Scotland.

Let me put it another way;

David Cameron, the Tory Prime Minister, with the full support of his pet poodle, a Scottish Labour MP called Alistair Darling, threatened the people of Scotland.

Still not clear enough for you?

The Tory Party in London threatened the people of Scotland. The Tory Party are being backed to the hilt by the Scottish Labour Party.

A Scottish Labour MP delivered the threat to Scotland and was proud to do so.

That same Scottish MP, Alistair Darling is the Bully Boy for his Boss, The Tory Prime Minister.

Remember the Tories? They are the party who destroyed Scotland’s engineering and manufacturing tradition. They imposed the Poll Tax on Scotland and they have deliberately put in place policies that have resulted in a staggering 1 in 5 Scottish children being condemned to a life in poverty. I could go on but I’m sure you remember them and know them for what they are.

Not content with the ills that they have previously visited upon the Scottish People, that same Tory Party popped up at the live television debate between Salmond and Darling and threatened Scotland and her People. David Cameron and George Osbourne may not physically have been on that stage but they were there in spirit, in the guise of Alistair Darling, their messenger boy, who delivered the message that Dave and George want you to hear.

Scottish Labour…….The Tory Bully Boys who want to put Scotland down!


One thought on “A Tory Bully Boy who wants to put Scotland down!

  1. hektorsmum

    Bravo and if it were possible I would have this published by our every unbiased Main Stream Media along with Paul’s( wee ginger dug). It is the very thing that btUKOKetc would hate but that is because it is the truth.


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