Anticipating the Excuses

In the event of a Yes vote I predict that Scottish Unionist MPs and MSPs will be scrambling for any lifeboat that may take them safely away from the sinking ship that is (was) the Union and to a career in Scotland’s new politics.

We are going to witness a long queue of Unionists wanting to tell us all how they secretly voted Yes but, prior to the actual ballot, had been put under tremendous pressure and bullying from their London bosses to toe the party line.

“I wanted to go public on my support for Yes, but I was prevented from doing so,” will be the excuse.

I suppose that I can recognise this position as I completely accept that virtually every single Unionist politician that presently holds a seat at Westminster and Holyrood is simply a career orientated, self-serving individual. If I make a leap from my personal world view and into their world view, then this position, although very unpalatable, can be understood. Westminster politics is without a sense of responsibility or concern for the problems and injustices of society. This pervades down through the ranks to an individual level. The Mother of Parliaments is an empty house as far as morality is concerned.

The Unionists at Holyrood share the same attitude but are exposed as the 3rd raters they really are because they are up against real politicians in the shape of a powerful group of SNP and Greens MSPs who genuinely want to do a good job for the people of Scotland.

The Unionists will try to articulate how the world of a politician seeking to do the best for their constituents is fraught  with party political bureaucracy that prevents freedom of thought and stifles individualism. They will seek to paint a picture of a life that is unpleasant, dominated by a London Political Establishment that rules with a rod of iron. “We are victims!” they will cry.

The general public, will of course, be expected to swallow this, hook, line and sinker.

If you think the Unionists can talk a load of complete rubbish during the campaign, then in the event of a Yes, you can be assured that the verbal creativity will reach hitherto unknown heights. It will go off the bullshit scale.

So I have a small challenge for the Unionists. You can call it an Insurance Policy, or a Get Out of Jail Card, if you like.

I want them to photograph their ballot papers while they are in the booth with the X clearly in evidence, prior to them posting it in the ballot box.


Then if there is a Yes, these same Unionists can produce the image as evidence of their loyalty to the Scottish people.

I can’t guarantee that it will be a meal ticket to a new career, but it will be a first step in their rehabilitation to a real, just, post Westminster Scottish society.



4 thoughts on “Anticipating the Excuses

  1. hektorsmum

    Thank you for filling out the method they will use. We have been saying this in our house from the start of the Referendum Campaign that as soon as they lose they will be saying ” I was always a Nationalist” we shall enjoy their excuses what ever they come up with but I would say that they will not be forgiven. I got a reply on my YouTube comments from someone who told em that the Scots were going to vote NO, I wrote back and said he was being lied to, not as politely as here I would have to say.

  2. Iain

    There will be a few, though, who will want to remain in London. I’d guess Douglas Alexander, Jim Murphy, Alistair Darling and Margaret Curran. Danny Alexander will need to be given a safe Tory seat in Southern England so he can continue to let Westminster benefit from his experience and expertise. [He’s lost his Inverness etc seat, so it’ll need to be down Berkshire way.]
    There are a fair few 3rd raters among the Westminster crew too, as well as the Holyrood crowd. I’m sure people like Tom Greatrex (yeah, who?) is every bit as useless as Jackie Baillie, for instance. They’ll probably focus on Holyrood, in the hope of converting it into Lanarkshire County Council, 1965 style, so that they’re comfortable at their own level.

    1. givinggoose Post author

      I was reading your comment again and it struck a cord. I think that these people are genuinely disconnected from the voting public. Call it a symptom caused by sheer arrogance or perhaps its as a result of a deep seated psychological problem, but the bottom line is that they are simply unpleasant people at heart. Regardless of the result, they have now been found by a large number of Scots for the shallow creatures that they are.

      Keep the faith,


      Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 10:38:59 +0000 To:


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