Doing it for the Tories (don’t let them win)!

If there is a single and absolute truth in the Scottish Referendum campaign it is that the Labour Party and Liberal Democrat’s are working for the Tory Party.

They have simply decided that the electoral well being of the Tory Party is of more importance that tackling inequality, poverty and the appalling lack of social justice in Scotland.

These people are working for the Tories. Don’t let these people win.

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Self serving. Pathologically disposed to lying.

Self serving. Pathologically disposed to lying.









5 thoughts on “Doing it for the Tories (don’t let them win)!

  1. Iain

    Let’s cut them some slack. Maybe they’re only looking for promotion to safe seats in southern England in the run up to the next UU General Election. The party that offers them refuge doesn’t matter much – just think of those expenses! The men of the people from the House of Lords won’t want to be evicted from that fabulous trough either. Sorry not to have seen Baroness Lidl in among the Tory gallery there.

    1. hektorsmum

      Cut them a bit slack Iain, harder to die on a slack rope surely. these despicable people using others to retain position, money and hoping influence. Well I hope they get what they deserve.

  2. hektorsmum

    That is a powerful message which needs a wide audience. These people, the deceitful liars and I cannot use milder language to condemn them are working for not only the Tories but the whole British State. We have had nothing good out of their mouths and I do hope they do not think we have short memories. I do not condemn those who have believed them, but I do condemn them. I honestly feel sorry for those who have given them their vote, because regardless of the result on Friday, these are the losers. They lose if they win because they will discover they have been lied to and they lose if YES win because again they discover they have been lied to.


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