To Natalie McGarry

Dear Natalie McGarry,

I originally created the White Feather Club blog as a catharsis, a way of venting my personal frustration with the individuals within Unionism who were doing terrible things to Scotland.

The Labour Gravy Trainers, the Tory Spivs, the LibDem Nasties.

These people were, and continue to be, the people who are preventing the people of Scotland from taking the levers of power back from London, to Scotland, where it can be used for good things .

But there are other obstacles.

I am writing an open letter to you asking for you to please stop using Twitter.

Personally I don’t use it.

Do you know why?

Well, because I have better things to do.

And so should you.

Now before I go further, I should make it clear that I’m a Yes supporter.

I absolutely believe that Scotland should be an Independent nation state.

We should run our own affairs and provide our own solutions for our own problems.

And that’s the point, we do have many problems that require solutions and it’s very difficult to provide those solutions when we don’t have the powers.

We need to convince a lot of our fellow Scots that we have the maturity, that we are grown up as a people; that we Can Do.

And that means that we should apply focus to Scotland, her people and convince them, by good governance, good deeds and a professional approach that we have the gravitas to govern ourselves.

It’s a fact that a lot of Scots remain unconvinced that Scotland can govern herself and to be perfectly honest, you are not helping these potential Yes voters to cross, what for them, may be a huge line in their current thinking.

You and your Twitterings are a distraction.

I personally couldn’t give a damn about JK Rowling.

Nor am I interested in the wayward thinking of someone who has strange ideas about what happened in the dark days of WW2.

Ignore them and they will go away.

What I am interested in is finding solutions for Scotland’s problems; the child poverty that still continues to plague us. Ensuring that our NHS continues delivering to patients. Building our education. Building homes. Creating a fair society. Creating jobs.

I do not want to see the Main Stream Media splashing headlines across their pages about you and Twitter. It’s a distraction. It’s diverting attention away from what matters, from what is important.

So just stop it. Now.

It doesn’t matter if what you Tweet is accurate or not. Because your profile as a Twitter user is now corrupted. You are making a fool of yourself and the Scottish Independence movement.

People will be influenced by the MSM headlines; the “Natalie McGarry does something on Twitter” headline.

When people see that headline they are distracted from what should be the real issues.

So stop giving Scotland’s opponents ammunition.

Stop using Twitter now!


2 thoughts on “To Natalie McGarry

  1. daibhidhdeux

    Are you a BritNat security services troll intent on smearing?

    Perhaps you should follow your own advice.

    Also and as an aside, am curious as to why you are circulating this now and given the time-lapse as well as Ms Rowling’s “bottling-out” of her pseudo-legal threats?

    What is your “Whitefeather” agenda?

  2. givinggoose Post author

    I’m not BritNat troll.

    But no one should be above a bit of critical analysis.
    As for the timing, well if not now, then later may be to late.
    What is motivating me is a sense that discipline is lacking among certain SNP politicians.
    The MSM is on permanent “Nat Watch” just waiting to pounce.
    Natalie McGarry simply cannot be trusted to use social media sensibly.
    What is happening is that her ill considered interventions are being used to distract ordinary voters away from important matters. We, the wider Yes movement” should be able to hang the Unionists out to dry, with the material available to hit them where it hurts, on a daily basis but instead the MSM attempt to hang the Yes movement out to dry with stories handed to them on a plate by the likes of Ms McGarry. It’s a spectacular own goal scored by someone with two left feet.

    My advice, vented through sheer frustration, to Natalie McGarry is to “Leave well alone. You are doing damage that can easily be avoided!”

    Someone should take her PC, tablet or phone away from her before she does something really stupid.


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