A Tiresome Twosome

These two MPs perfectly sum up the rotten core of Unionist politics. I add them to the gallery, but they qualify for their own page as they have bent over backwards to let Scotland down.

They represent a sum of parts.


Part 1 The Bain Principle; to quote the man, “There is a long-standing PLP convention that we do not support SNP motions – we will oppose the Finance Bill & lay amendments.”

In other words oppose anything the SNP proposes, regardless of the merits.


Part 2 Talk Complete Rubbish; Anas Sarwar has developed talking rubbish into an art form (when he hasn’t got the time not to turn up to critical votes in Parliament).



2 thoughts on “A Tiresome Twosome

  1. Iain

    The majority of children in Springburn in Bain’s Glasgow NE constituency live in poverty. In his constituency as a whole, the figure is 43%. This is a constituency in Better Together UKOK Scotland, not Moldova or Albania. Sarwar fails to reach Bain’s dazzling achievement after 13 years of a UKOK Labour government, but manages 49% in the Calton with an overall constituency figure of 37%. Bain, Sarwar and 30 other Scottish Labour MPs were so convinced by the arguments of George Osborne, Ian Duncan Smith and Danny Alexander that they waltzed in merrily to the government lobbies to register their complete agreement with a cap on benefits spending. There’s a four letter word starting with C that I have never used in my life until I heard what these pieces of crap did to their own poorest constituents.

  2. Colin

    I think you are very wrong in your choice of descriptive word for this pair, as you know Cs are useful and this pair are far from that.


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