Blinded by ermine

In the latest addition of the New Statesman, Helena Kennedy writes a piece supporting being Better Together. It’s makes interesting reading and leaves you wondering why Helena Kennedy actually supports Better Together. It’s the type of writing where you want to shout out “Helena, leave your current political party and show your true colours because you clearly are dissatisfied with your Party’s refusal to go against the current political doctrine.” Until you reach the end of the piece, when it signs out with the following;

Helena Kennedy is a barrister and a Labour life peer


Here’s the link:

Can you spot the reason Helena is satisfied with being Better Together?
Sad, isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Blinded by ermine

  1. Helena Brown

    We may share a forename but that is all. Yes I got the very good reason for her remaining in Better Together. I would love to ask those who ensure that these people remain in comfort, what they get out of it. Most people still voting Labour are the most hard done by people in Scotland.


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